Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Sewing Room....

I just love saying that !!

this morning it was raining, so I decided to skip the necessary housework and do some crafting in my "Summer Sewing room" ...when it dawned on me that I never posted pictures of is my Summer Sewing room which I am renaming to my "Playroom"!  My sewing room is still upstairs ...down here I moved all my crafting supplies.... I needed room upstairs for all the sewing / bag supplies that are multiplying and the crafting stuff was in my way....I brought my little Brother sewing machine downstairs....just incase I want to do some simple piecing. The big machines (Husqvarna, Pfaff & Bernina) stay upstairs...they have to work....this is a Playroom! 
I just love the Expedit shelves ( Ikea doesn't have them anymore but a new series Kallax took its place...looks almost the same to me)
Its amazing how much stuff you can hide in these cupboards 

Even though this room is in the basement, it has a nice big 2 meter window for lots of light.
When I don't feel like crafting I can cuddle up in my chair and watch a movie, stitch or take a nap...
I finally got to put up this wall tattoo I bought 3 years ago in Canada...I still love it today!

 Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of this room beforehand....the room is basically the same ( walls and carpet were not touched)  only the cupboards where arranged differently and a big red couch was on the main wall...we got rid of the couch...we only bought the table and the TV stand...the rest we had. We moved it all around and viola...a new room was born!
I want my hubby to hang a long curtain rod on this I can hang my quilts there....

Hope you like my new Playroom..I love it.....but right now my sewing room is calling my name ! I have to cut out a bag pattern !


  1. Liebe Liz, wie recht Du hast- ein wahres "Spielzimmer"....
    Da entstehen natürlich die schönsten Dinge, bei so viel Inspiration und der Sessel ist ein Traum!, so etwas fehlt mir noch!!!:)
    Liebe Grüße von Angela

  2. Dear Liz ..........
    what a wonderful sewing room .............oh I would love to have such a place too.... I never would come out ...LOLLLLL
    Happy weekend to you!
    Love and hugs

  3. Aren't you a lucky girl to have a sewing room and a playroom. It's beautiful and I'm wondering where does poor hubby fit into this life of pleasure. Does he ever see you LOLL
    My sewing room is downstairs where hubby can see and talk to me if he wishes LOLL. My daughter moved out nearly 5 years ago so I'm thinking maybe her room upstairs could be my play room. You make me feel like doing a makeover today.

  4. Hallo Liz,

    ein tolles Spielzimmer hast du...da kanns t du dich so richtig drin wohl fühlen und kreativ sein..

    Liebe Grüße

  5. Na da bist Du jetzt ja bestimm ganz glücklich!

  6. Lucky you to have 2 fun rooms to create in. And decorated in red of course, lol!

  7. Ein tolles Zimmer!!!! Hast du auch eine kleine Teeküche?(grins)



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