Monday, June 30, 2014

Sneak peek.....

I finished the June Bag of the Month Bag !!
Yepeeeee...finally a bag done in the right month!

I am just posting a little sneak peak of it, since I want to take some nice pictures tomorrow in the daylight but I wanted to make sure I posted in June...tomorrow is July 1 ( already!!!) Canada Day!!!
Some of you will be surprised...its not red !! 
Here's a litte red instead...thanks Gaby & Alena

Thanks Sis...the books arrived !! 
Look at the thickness difference!! WOW

Now I have to pick out some fabric for the next bag...and it will be a Blog hop...I can't wait!!
Happy Sewing !


  1. Hi Liz, good morning!
    What a nice bag again! Looks great!
    Now I am waiting for your next one .....
    Lovely Flowers and great Books you got!
    Have a happy sewing day,



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