Tuesday, July 1, 2014

City Slicker....

As promised here come the pictures of the June bag in the "Bag of the Month Club.....
This is my version of the City Slicker ( ChrisWDesigns) bag...I am not sure if I made the Advanced or Intermediate version...I think its a mixture of the two???

I made the bag with a blue suede, black & gray crusted pleather and printed deco fabric...nothing like mixing the worlds together !
The front has a wide /deep pocket with the a turn lock ( which I am discovering I like to use)
On the back I decided to go with the drop in pocket...I love when I can drop my keys quickly in a pocket
 The sides had an extra touch of "pfiff" ..love the buckles..

But best of all I love the inside....it opens wide up...you can see everything in there!! Love that !!
.....I love that once again Christine out did herself with pockets ...look at them all..10 compartments!!!!!!
I love those pleated pockets! 
If this bag doesn't keep you organized... nothing will!!! 
Since I couldn't go without adding a little red to the bag...I added these ruby slippers to the zipper.

I can honestly say I  had no real problems sewing the bag ( as always Christines patterns are packed full of pictures) but I have to admit, setting the zipper closure on top did case me some trouble...I had to do it twice and if you look really closely at the wrinkles I should of redone it a third time but I am blaming it on the suede ! ..LOL This was a technique I had never done...if I had some Wonder tape on hand,it would of gone easier...next time I will know....I'm always learning!!

Be sure to pop over to Christines blog....and see all the testers version...lovely!!!


  1. Die Tasche gefällt mir sehr gut, süß sind die kleinen Schuhe;-)
    Ich hab mir das Muster bestellt. Hoffentlich gelingt sie mir genau so gut. Wo bekomme ich den Drehverschluß?
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Beautiful, Liz. I love suede, it is so classy. Love the hint of red. Knew it had to be somewhere.

  3. What a nice bag--I love the little ruby red slippers! :)

  4. Hi Liz,
    your bags are always so wonderful! Love the tiny shoes :O)
    Happy sewing day,

  5. Gorgeous bag. You've done a brilliant job as always and I love the cool calming colours.

  6. Wow, das ist ja eine wunderschöne Tasche mit tollen Details, liebe Liz und die ruby slippers, total klasse so als Zipper.
    Irgendwann werde ich mir auch mal eine neue Tasche nähen. Meine sind immer mehr "Einkaufsbeutel".

    liebe Grüße

  7. Sehr schick, und sehr edel durch das Leder, das ließ bestimmt nicht so leicht verarbeiten.
    LG Angelika

  8. Love your version Liz. I was thinking of making another one in blue for myself too. I love this bag and it opens so large.so you can really access all your stuff. Like the cute red bling you added.

  9. Just bought this pattern bundle! I cat wait to try it out. Ive admired a few of her bags innthe past, but this one REALLY did it for me. Hope it goes well as I've got my eye on two more of her patterns!



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