Friday, July 18, 2014

Stair Basket SAL , day 3 & 4....

I can't believe Sarah posted day #4 already and I just picked out my fabrics!!

Boy am I does this happen??
First laundry got in the way ( we needed undies)
Then I had errands to do and visit friends for coffee....
Today it is hot as heck ...33°C already!!
I think I'll grab my fabrics and head to the "Summer Sewing Room"...its cool down there and I can cut in comfort.

I ment to show you that my Hubby hung the rod up in my SS room, so now I can hang quilts up and change them with the season...or my mood !
 I also put up another wall tattoo...
Now I am off to "seize the day"!!


  1. Hi Liz,
    wonderfil Poppy fabrics! Just beautiful :O))))
    and I love your sewing room, it looks better each time you show it again ;O)
    Happy sewing weekend!

  2. Bloglovin has a lot to answer for, I'm not getting notifications for your posts and to think I could have missed this beautiful room, quilt and fabric. Gorgeous.



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