Friday, August 1, 2014


I can't believe its August already!!
That means, in a month, summer will be coming to an end...ohhh No, I was just getting use to it !

I don't know where July went to ??
The time just fly by....
I know I was busy...but doing what ??
Laying around in the sun ?? (....just a little )
....I did a little shopping...OK, a lot of fabric shopping!
Actually this month I went a bit overboard.....
It started with me ordering these lovely deco fabric from England....How could I resist??...look at those boots!! Look at all that red !!!
 Last weekend the Fabric Market was in town...I went looking for Red with black polka dots & Audrey Hepburn fabric...didn't find them but all of these instead!! me weak!
... on the way out, I saw this had to come home with me too.
...this week I picked up a few pleathers....
I won't even mention the hardware I ordered...oh my! the Visa is going to explode. I better sell lots of bags next month...oops, first I have to sew them ! 

Speaking of sewing .....I did a bit of sewing...some things I can't show you till the patterns are released ...
but I can show you the silly pencils cases I made last night...played with the, fun, fun!
Guess that was least what I can remember !
My August plans, entail lots of sewing !!  
I gotta use some of those fabrics....I'm off to cut into some now!
Happy Weekend !!
P.S...Don't forget to enter the Giveaway  ...there will be 5 winners ! One of each day, so enter on the other blogs too. The prizes are for everyone!!! ...and I know you all want that bobbin winder ! ...or those beautiful fabrics ...or the patterns ...or purse hardware ??!! ENTER !!!


  1. Yes the time flys. I love those fabrics I'm so jealous right now LOLLL. Very nice pencil cases my son saw it and now he wants one ;)
    Happy sewing xx

  2. OH YES!!!!!!!!! Just one month left till the end of summer. I can't wait. That large red and white polka dot fabric was like the one I saw and made me smile becasue it made me think of you. I love those pouches and wondered if they are lined.

  3. Liz, you have a fabric market that comes to town??? If you didn't live so far away. I would be there! Gorgeous fabrics...looking forward to see what becomes of them. Cute pouches, too.

  4. Good morning Liz,
    looks, like you had a great weekend!
    Love the fabrics you got and the little pvceli cases, they look wonderful!
    Havy a happy sewing wek,



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