Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gizmo Garage

Once again I had the pleasure of testing a pattern of Christine of ChrisWDesigns. This time it was a laptop bag...actually for all Gizmos....so the name fits it perfectly.....

Here is my version of the Gizmo Garage.....
I used denim and cotton...and for the first time 5mm headliner for the batting ..it sewed like a charm and gave the bag the padding it needs to protect all of my precious electric devices.

As always, Christines pattern is filled with lot of pockets and extra little details...due to the well written instructions,  it is easy to sew....the front pockets are perfect for your cell phone, mouse, charger, cables ...anything else you may need....
The inside holds only your laptop so that nothing can scratch it....
I made the Small version...my 13" Macbook Air fits in there perfectly....
The back has any extra iPad ( tablet) pocket...and looks really cool
The adjustable straps are nice thick ones ....
The only thing I did different, was I didn't use a hook & D ring for the closure...( didn't have a long hook) so I went with the thumb catch. This was tricky to install because of all the thick fabrics...(not recommended of the weak at heart) 
I also added a flat piping ( don't know what it is called in english!?) ...it needed a little more red! 
This bag looks different then your usually Laptop bag, since Christine found it was easier to pull a laptop out long ways then side ways..the reason of the long design.
Of all the bags I have sewn to date, my Hubby likes this one best....he said thats a "cool" bag ...I'm not surprised an IT guy would love a Gizmo bag!  

The pattern comes in 3 sizes ( so you get a lot bang for your buck)  ...if you want to make your own "cool" Gizmo bag.....you can find the pattern here...great for a christmas gift !
...be sure to check out all the other testers "cool" versions of the bag....here!
Happy Sewing!


  1. I love your bag Liz, that fabric combo is great. Great job. My husband love the bag too LOLL

  2. That's lovely, hubby's Christmas pressie sorted then!

  3. Hi Liz,
    another great Bag!
    Happy sewing day,

  4. I love the combination of fabrics. And the thumb catch looks great...I might even like that look better. Great job, Liz!

  5. Dear Liz,
    your garage looks quite cool!!! Very nice fabrics.
    Many hugs sigisart

  6. Love that computer fabric! The closure looks fabulous but I can imagine how hard must've been to install. Great job!

  7. What can I say Liz? PERFECT job as always and I really love that COOL fabric....what better choice for a ;laptop bag! :) Yes....the piping is a GREAT punch of red BUT now you have me wondering too what you call flat piping.....it's too early in the morning here for my brain to function! LOLLLL

    1. Isn't flat piping called 'flat piping'?!

  8. Liz, Your version looks great. Love the additional red piping, it did finish the bag!

  9. You always surprise me with your fabric choices. This one is just perfect. I love your version. I've used mine a couple of times now and love it. It really does hold everything and more.

  10. i love, Love, LOVE your Gizmo Garage bag...!
    but what is the name of that awesome fabric???



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