Friday, September 5, 2014

Pretty in Pink pattern!

The week has flown by and I had wanted  to share all kinds of stuff with you.

Let start with a free pattern by Swoon Sewing Patterns. This designer Alicia is new to me. I find her patterns real the retro style.
She even has a subscription where you get all her patterns plus every month she comes out with a new one that you also get....great deal for a bag collector !

Since I like "Free"...I decided to try the free Ethel pattern ..I am calling her Pretty in Pink!
...You wouldn't believe it but I only had a little piece of fabric ( it was a scrap from England) ...and I thought the flower would be perfect for the front.
....since I didn't have enough fabric for the whole bag... I combined it with some pink Pleather....
The back got the bird...
and the inside got pink polka dots !! 
Isn't she pretty in Pink???
The pattern is really easy...  I personally prefer photos instead of drawings in my instructions ...I am just to lazy to read and like to look at pictures to know what to do next.....but the pattern is easy to understand and sews up quickly!  
The only changes I made...are, I added a magnet to the top, lengthened the handles a bit and added a pocket to the inside. It was also my first time sewing with headliner...worked great !

Now I have to finished packing...I am off to a sewing weekend ...yepee!!!
....See you Monday...maybe you'll have your own Ethel sewn by then !


  1. I love the way you've used fabric and pleather and the colour and fussy cutting is gorgeous. I'm also impressed by all the pockets. Must try this one.

  2. Hi Liz,
    really pretty in Pink :O)
    A lovely bag, thanks for sharing!
    Happy weekend to oyu,

  3. This is adorable Liz. I think it looks even better with the contrast of the pleather...good thing you didn't have enough flower fabric. The fussy cutting of the flower is perfect!

  4. Many great decisions while making this bag. The big flower as a focus, the fuzzy cutting, the bird in the back, the pleather, the dots on the inside... all great!! Looks awesome!

  5. Your bag is gorgeous Liz
    Thanks for the link to the free pattern!

  6. Deine Tasche ist der Hit !!!!

  7. Liebe Liz,
    du bist echt die beste Taschen-näherin ☺♥
    Die Neue ist echt toll und es ist sehr, sehr schön wie du bei Tasche mit der Blume
    perfektes "fuzzy cut" gemacht hast, wie gesagt du bist die Beste *smile*
    Liebe Grüße

  8. I love this bag, your work is so beautiful. Thanks for letting me discover this designer, I visited the blog and she has such beautiful bags. I really like how you combined fabrics, you did an excellent job Liz !!!
    Thanks again for sharing the link :)
    Marisa from



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