Friday, September 12, 2014

Rockstar Bag...

when I was a teen I dreamt of being a rockstar ...Tina Turner move over!! just have her scratchy voice ! LOL

My Rock & Roll days may be looong gone but a girl can still pretend...and with this cool Rockstar bag that Sara of Sew Sweetness designed, it is easy to go back in time...
Once again I had the pleasure of testing the pattern for is my I a Rockstar or what ??!!!
 I saw this fabric and I just knew I had to use it for this bag...but I opted out on adding the rivets to the flap pocket on the front.. Instead I had to torture myself with fussy cutting...but I think it was worth it...I like the outcome.

The bag is a nice size (9 1/2" long X 10" tall X 7" deep) with a detachable strap.
I love the added piping on the sides...Sara had an interesting way of attaching the piping but I have to admit I still have my troubles with piping... I love the look of it but it isn't my best friend yet...but I am practicing !
I used pleather for the straps & handles...pleather is my gives my no troubles !...most of the time.
I even added some Hubby asked what I was hammer at 2 in the morning ?? ..I had a deadline to meet! Quiet was not an option !
The other fabric is Deco fabric, the lining is cotton from my favorite Swedish store and I used 5mm headliner...I found it gave the bag good stand !

This is my my version of a Rockstar bag for the over 50's crowd !!
( I had to throw in some red polka dots for you!!)
If you want to also be a Rockstar or know someone that can find the pattern here....
Be sure to check out the other testers cool versions...I love Sylvias red version...why didn't I think of that ??


  1. Wow, LIz! Gorgeous! The fabric is great and your fussy cutting is perfect. On my to do list now but several things to make before then.

  2. Liz it is stunning !!! I'm totally in love with your version, I love black, and your fussy cut is OMG perfect, I'm so jealous LOLLL

  3. Pleather, check; rivets, check; piping, check; fuzzy cutting, check; amazing fabric selection, check; up 'til 2 am, check..... I say you're more than a Rock Star. Love it!!

  4. Wow, beautiful bag and your fussy-cutting is absolutely brilliant! Nicely done ... Rock on!
    Jane @

  5. Boah, die ist ja mal ultamegascharf und sieht echt fantastisch aus.


  6. Wow! Fab bag, and I think you have taken fussy cutting to the next level! Great match

  7. Hallo Liz,
    super Tasche, echt genial und sooooo akkurat genäht..

  8. Liebe Liz,
    du bist echt die Taschen-Queen und deine Taschen sehen immer absolut mega-professionell aus. so schön.

  9. Looks great, love your bag! Fabric is fab. Can I ask where you purchased the headliner?

    1. Never mind, found your link for the headliner in previous post

  10. Your bag looks so professionally made you would never guess it was hand made. Beautiful

  11. I loooove it!!! What a beautiful bag, love all about it, nice fabrics, nice design, nice piping....well done Liz.

  12. I've got three of these cut out and TODAY is the day I get to start on them! I'm excited. I think this is Sara's most awesome design so far. This will be my first attempt with piping. I've got it all made and it looks pretty good, but we will see how it comes out once installed! I love your fabric choices for your bags.



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