Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lightning ...

never hits the same place twice..... thats what they say .....I sure hope they're right....

but someone should tell this guy...*Click here*

... ...a couple weeks ago our house got hit by lightning....
We got lucky and the house didn't catch fire...but it blew out our furnace, telephone, internet & computer. I think the worse part was that I was just about to shut off my computer when it hit us...I thought my iMac was going to explode!!! I had never heard such a loud bang!!

I can tell you it has been a looooong 2.5 weeks!!
It took almost 2 weeks to get the furnace without heat was isn't cold outside yet and we have a fireplace but without hot water it sucks!
The telephone & internet were fixed after a couple days...I can tell you 3 days without internet and I realized I was a internet/ computer  junkie!! Withdrawal was bad!! My Hubby was also glad when it worked again...I think if he had to listen to my chatter any longer he would of tied me to a lightning rod!
Unfortunately my computer still isn't fixed...I love my iPad but not for my blogging and computer work...
We have everything backed up on a Time capsule but I won't be 100% sure it works till I get my iMac back and can check. If I lose all my pictures & bag will hear me scream LOUD !..

I think the worst part of it all is the dance you have to do with the insurance company...we are suppose to have coverage...but I still don't know how much they will cover...and between you and me...I don't believe them !...  the adventure goes on!!

Hopefully next week I will be up and running again...the one positive thing is ...I'm getting tons of sewing done ! Lots to show you !!

Tomorrow I will be featured on Sew Sweetness Purse be sure to check out the pattern I reviewed!

Hope to be back soon...miss you all!!!
P.S. I did have my computer on a Surge protector..guess they only work for surges not direct hits! 


  1. Goodness, that must have been truly scary! Hopefully everything will work properly soon and meanwhile I shall check out your pattern review.

  2. I've been worried about posts, no comments. Glad you are OK and hope things work out with your computer, furnace, etc. That's a long time with no heat, no hot water...but no internet...please not that!!!

  3. Oh my God Liz! I'm glad you are ok and it wasn't worst. Must've been quite a scare. Will be checking to see all you have sewn.

  4. Oh my, not exactly the kind of news I was expecting when I popped by to see what was new with you! Yes indeed, we hope that saying about lightning not striking in the same place twice is correct. Hang in there...

  5. Good morning my dear Liz,
    oh my God, that sounds so bad! I am so happy, that nothing worst happend and you are well and the house did not get damaged! This really must have been so scary!
    I also hope, that this saying is true and the lightning never hits the same place twice.....
    Hope you can be back soon! I missed you too!
    How is Max doing after this? I hope, he is fine too! Big hugs for him! :O)
    Sending big hugs,

  6. Nice to see you back on the internet again Liz and that you're all safe. Hope your patterns are too.



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