Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Smiley.....


P.S. I finally got my new computer ...Hubby transferred all my files for the time capsule ....Everything was saved ! Yepee!!! sure to do a back up of your computer!  You never know when lighting may hit!


  1. Backups are really important to have. Glad everything worked out. Love the cartoon.

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  3. WOOHOO Liz! That is THE best news! Can't imagine how awful it was all the while not being 100% sure everything was safe! I lost a whole heap of important stuff I am a backup junkie....with an external hard drive and two cloud backups....LOLLL I never liked the idea of an external hard drive sitting next to my thoughts were is someone did break in and steal my computer, they would just take the harddrive with them too....hence why I LOVE the cloud! :)



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