Monday, November 24, 2014

Tudor Bag

Once again Sara of Sew Sweetness...has a new pattern out! The Tudor bag!!
This pattern is for a "confident beginner" but I think they have to be very confident.
The pattern is easy to sew!!!!...the only part I could see that a beginner might have trouble with is the top zipper closure...thus the very confident beginner!
If you use the magnet closer a confident beginner would have no problem with the pattern!

Don't get me wrong...the setting of a top zipper closure is way easier then you would think and Sara has LOTS of pictures to help you through the steps ! I really believe anyone that can sew and read can do it...just follow the steps and you'll have no problem....the question is if you trust yourself to make that jump...I say.... go for it !!
 As you can see...I decide to use this BRIGHT wild "Berlin" linen fabric I had...for some reason the pattern called for it! I accented it with red Faux leather.
and a super bright yellow cotton for the lining...
 I know the bag colors are a real contrast to the ones I have made lately but I let the pattern dictate which fabric I will use...also the gloomy weather outside said I needed Bright!!   Bright it is !

......the bag is a good size ...34cm  x 32cm x 12cm ( 13-1/2” long x 12-1/2” tall x 5” deep )....  it has an accented front zipper, cool triangle sides, tabs for an optional shoulder strap and an accent bottom...which was way easier to set then I thought (due to Sara's great pictures! ).  Inner has a large pocket on each side ( I only added one)

The instructions are loaded with tons of pictures & easy to follow! 
You can find the pattern *here*
Makes great Christmas gifts as sews up rather quickly!
Don't forget to have a look at all the other testers...great examples!!!


  1. Great job, Liz. I love your choice of fabric. I agree that the bag dictates the fabric..or..the fabric dictates the bag. I have it happen both ways.

  2. Your fabric is great for the design. I think we are like match makers choosing fabric for a specific bag or viceversa. The brightness is great!! I tested the bag too. I should write a post soon.

  3. Hi Liz, another lovely bag, thank you for sharing! Love the fabrics :)
    Happy sewing day to you,

  4. I see you used red in this bag. I like the yellow and red together. Looks great!

  5. Gorgeous! Looks like it was a fun bag to make.

  6. Lovely bag and I love your choice of fabrics. Perfect for this gloomy weather. I especially like the red pleather. Gorgeous.



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