Thursday, December 18, 2014

New & old

I was going to post a another faux leather handles tutorial today but instead I have decided show you what I bought yesterday ...a pink cutting mat!!

Is this bright pink or what!!???
One side has inches & the other centimeters! 
Its 24" x 36 " ( 60 X 90 cm)
 ( those are the supplies for the next tutorial)
My old green mat was all chewed up and it was time for a new one...I guess you could say I am helping Santa out; so he doesn't have so much to carry next week!

To make the day better.....I stopped into the second hand store by us (they never have anything I am looking for but it doesn't stop me from checking every once in a while) my great surprise, they had this old Singer sewing machine for 15€ !! ...I just had to scoop it up ! reminded me of my first Singer sewing machine that I had for over 30 years ( it would still work if I hadn't forgotten to plug it into the transformer, causing it to blow the motor )...dumb, dumb, dumb...
The machine works like a heavy like heck, came with all kinds of feet...even a quilting foot
 ...check out these interesting bobbins..I ever saw anything like it ...the bobbins wind through needle right in the bobbin that cool or what ??!!
It even had the original case...its huge ! 
The receipt was still in the box...1979 ! that makes me feel nostaglic !

After being sick for almost 3 was nice to have the gods smile down on me!

PS. I should work on the faux leather tutorial...but I think I will play a bit more with my new toys! 


  1. Good morning Liz,
    lovely to have such old machines, they are soooo good!
    Glad you feel better now and I am looking forward for your new sewings :O)
    P.S. We have a raffle starting today...Post Nr.1000 is online ;O)

  2. Hallo Liz,
    das war ein Glückstag! Diese alte Maschine wird hoffentlich noch gut nähen. Meine Veritas ist Baujahr 1962 und schnurrt wie ein Kätzchen, absolut zuverlässig! Und das Gewicht lässt sie sicher auf dem Tisch stehen, nichts verrutscht. Ich mag sie nicht missen. Viel Freude damit!

  3. How exciting! Love the glimpse of your sewing room too

  4. Liebe Liz.,
    Glückwunsch zu dieser tollen Maschine, ein echtes Schnäppchen. Viel Spaß damit. Vor einiger Zeit hab ich auch so eine auf dem Flohmarkt gekauft.
    Liebe Grüße

  5. That mat is a gorgeous colour. We only have the green ones here. What a wonderful find in the second hand shop. I'd like to know what are those bolts behind the sewing machine though. Is it fabric or pleather or something else?

  6. I bought a pink cutting mat from Havel and scissors too with pink handles not long ago. Oh those bobbins take me back to home ec in high school. We sewed on Singers and they had the same bobbins as those. I think those were the first plastic bobbin I had ever seen.



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