Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sewing room ...remodeling??

When a girl gets an idea it is dangerous...and when it has to do with her sewing room its even more dangerous.

I made a harmless comment to my hubby that I needed more table space in my sewing thing I knew we were measuring the walls...making new layout plans...even a trip to Ikea for inspiration.... before I knew what hit me...I was emptying cupboards... moving everything out of my sewing room.....first we started to carry stuff in the basement but we quickly discovered...up & down the stairs would kill us...besides we'd have to bring it all back up in a week or we decided to fill so every corner upstairs with my sewing stuff....

Our bedroom ...
....the walk in closet has my faux leathers

I won't even show you what the dress tops look like ...but every corner is filled...
Even the master bathroom wasn't taking a bath for a few weeks....don't worry, we still have 2 showers in the house...
Now that everything was out...I decided I might as well repaint the walls red!! ...I've picked a nice light green ...

...and I am whitewashing the cupboards...hubby thinks I've lost my mind but this is way easier then I are a couple cupboards I did last night...
Hopefully the walls will be painted over the weekend...and the new table tops will be delivered next week....then will come the fun part...putting everything back. 
I have way to much stuff!!! 
What was I thinking !!
Hope its worth it in the end ??!

Happy sewing 
( I would if I could find my machine?)


  1. Oh wow what a job! I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. How nice to have your sewing space spruced up and to get pieces that will work for you. You sure do have a lot of fabric etc. can't wait to see the new sewing space.
    Oh and I love the slanted ceilings. I have never had to live with them, but I like the look of it. Houses are so different here in Australia... Check out to get Ann idea if you are interested.

  2. Great! It been two years since I remodeled my sewing room. It's still working fine for me, but I am in need of a new main sewing table to accommodate my second machine... Can't wait to see what you end up with!

  3. Good for you! Of course it will be worth it. I did a bit of organizing myself. I'll blog about it soon. I got fabrics neatly folded and organized. You'll see!

    1. I forgot to add: Wow you have a lot of faux leather. Yes!!

  4. Oh my gosh - how exciting! Do post progress pics! Xx

  5. So much work but oh, so much fun, too. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  6. How exciting !!! and Marilyn is right a lot of work and a lot of fun and at the end worth it !!!!
    How you do the whitewashing, it is complicate?

  7. Am Ende wird alles gut ( oder wieder am Platz)
    Noch viel Spass beim Umräumen.



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