Monday, February 2, 2015

Do a little something .......

to help save Mother Nature by saying "NO" to plastic bags and using fabric bags.
I am sure a lot of you do this already but in case you don't ...I'm here to help you start.

Angela of PATCHWORKangel(a) wants us all to stop using plastic bags so she has made a FREE tutorial with 6 FREE machine embroidery designs that you can embroidery on your fabric totes.
Unfortunately the designs are only in German.....but the idea is international!
(I tried surfing the net for a free recycling /save the earth design so that you could also embroidery something on your " Nature friendly bags...but would you believe it, I couldn't find any designs that were free had to buy them all :-( would be a nice if there was one designer who had made a free design for everyone to use...*if anyone finds a free design ...please let me know, I'll gladly link it up here.

Even if you can't machine embroidery any of these designs on your can still make a simple tote to carry your grocery / shopping save Mother Earth...say NO to plastic bags!!

This is a great way to use up fabrics that you don't like..quilt blocks that have been an UFO to long....get creative...have fun with it...have the kids paint, glues, sew their own...every plastic bag we don't use ...helps!!

Thank you Angela...for your generosity of the designs & helping us say NO to plastic bags!! bags even have bit of Bling Bling!

I even made my hubby couple in blue ( these were old thick curtains)
I hope to see all kinds of fabric shopping bags popping up all over the net....we can make a change!

Happy sewing !!


  1. Danke!, liebe Liz! :))
    Liebe Grüße von Angela

  2. There is a european-wide campaign against using plastic on with a lot of ideas and a freebie in embroidery, but a print-out label.
    The idea is to give away these bags to your family and friends and even strangers. I made 31 over the years and got struck. Maybe I will piece some this month.
    Hugs Katja

    1. Thanks Katja for the info about Morsbags no one has an excuse to use plastic bags :-)

  3. They are georgeous, Liz!
    Happy new week,
    Claudia xo

  4. Liebe Liz,
    deine Taschen sind allesamt eine Augenweide und sicherlich ein ganz besonderer Ersatz für Plastiktüten.

  5. Do you create your own machine embroidery designs? If not, if you sketch something I'm happy to convert it into a design that can be stitched ( and given away!)



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