Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Bella...

is my newest bag.
I can't believe I have had this pattern for over 3 years and haven't sewn it till now.
Christine of ChrisWDesigns is having a Sew Along for the Bella I figured now was a good time as any to make it !

I have to tell you... right now I am like Rumpelstitskin.....I love my Bella!!
I don't know why it took my so long to sew it ...the pattern is fast & easy !!
The hardest part was putting in the rivets ( rivets hate me) and they aren't even part if the pattern...just my clever idea ...grrrr!!

Bella has a big front pocket...a zippered pocket on the back.
....and nice gathers pockets on the side!
True to Christine's style...
3 more pockets on the inside. The zippered one was a new technique for me. 
I decided this bag would be a perfect everyday jeans bag .....even though I had always thought I would make this bag in red...this time I decided to make it in this denim print & blue faux leather...I had just bought these fabrics to make myself a wallet...instead I turned into this bag ! ( must of been Rumpelstitskins magic touch ). I also used a 3mm headliner for the batting to give it a bit of hold. I made the straps using the 3 fold mention described in my tutorial.....

...but I did add a touch of red!  Maybe the next one will be red with a touch of blue ??
This was my first time putting in grommets...way easier then I thought...but I'll tell you making that first cut into a finished purse is really tough!!! I did a test run on a scrap then jumped it with both feet ( Ok, I said a few prayers first) But it worked!! I might even trust myself to sew a bucket bag now!?
I had a lot of fun making this bag...
As always, Christine's pattern is filled with well written instructions & tons of pictures...
If you would like to make your own better hurry up since Christine is going to retire this pattern ..I don't know why..its such a great bag ( I'll have to talk to her about that)
...I really love my Bella!

Happy Sewing 

P.S: I'm linking tup to : RUMS #22/15 & TT - Taschen und Täschchen


  1. I love it, Liz. The faux leather and the denim are a great combination. I knew you would love it. I am going to try to fit one in before the next test bag but I better hurry.

  2. Stunning! I love the materials chosen. I also have the pattern and haven't used it yet. Shame on me! My right shoulder doesn't like installing grommets :-( so maybe I'll use some other way.

  3. Beautiful Liz! My daughter is loving the one I made for her and I am making me one now too in blue. Great minds think alike because I also thought it would be great to wear with jeans too! I really like the faux leather on your Bella. I might make a 3rd one with some faux leather.

  4. Love your Bella. Sorry to be missing this sew along. Still need to order the pattern.



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