Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I did it again...

I really can't leave the house!
Every time I do, I get into trouble!
Yesterday, as I was rearranging my faux leather...I mumbled to myself..
" You really have to stop buying fabrics, there is no more room !! ( stop laughing!! )

So what happened today??? 
On my way to return some car pulled into the local fabric shop....
.....I thought I could have a quick look for some soft cotton or jersey to make my Hubby some boxers shorts ( he thinks I can sew anything...who am I do ruin his illusion??) ( stop laughing again!!) 

I found fabric to make the boxer shorts ( on top of the pile) ...but also found all these faux suedes & a plaid that just had to come home with me !!
Faux Suede only 1,99€ a meter could I resist ! 12 meters later...
I am sooo weak!
I am not allowed to leave the house!! 
Second thought...I'm not much better with internet shopping either!!
What is a girl to do when she has a weakness?? 
Thank goodness I don't collect shoes!! 

Happy Sewing! 
P.S...I also bought this fabric glue...I am curious if it will work ...till now I have not found a fabric glue that sticks..I'll let you know what I think! 

P.S.S...yes, Benta, I was helping the economy again ! :-)


  1. I use these sewline glue pens all the time and they is the link........goodluck

  2. Hi Liz,
    oh, I can understand so well ..... this fabrics are always crying ...Take me home, please!!!!!!!! ............Wionderful new fabrics you bought! The Fabric Glue sounds interesting ...
    Happy Sewing days,
    Claudia xo

  3. For only Euro 1.99 I wouldn't be able to resist either, the colours are amazing and I love the plaid ! Did you get any fabric for your Husband's boxers?

  4. Oh where is that shop? lovely prices! (even more here in Germany!) Fabric glue that sticks?: Gütermann! Can't believe in my local shop (just 200 mts from my home but they have like NOTHING I need to make my bags!) They had no idea about this glue! *facepalm*... Good luck with the boxers!

  5. Thank goodness the nearest fabric store is 30 minutes away. The other way from where I do most of my errands. Makes me think more thoughtfully.

    H---, who am i kidding? Once I am there, I run around in a demented haze thinking, I haven't been here in forever and look at all these new fabrics....



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