Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Expandable File bag...

Is a pattern with a good cause. 
Rachel of Pink Trocolate, is donating 100% of the proceeds of this pattern to a school in Zambia.
Is that not wonderful!! 
When I first saw the Expandable File Bag pattern I knew right away I had to make it!.
It would be perfect to hold my " to sew" patterns ...OK, not all of them but some of them ....

As I was trying to decide which fabric to use ....when I remembered I had this piece of fabric Lisa machine quilted for me & said ...make something out of it one day...well the one day finally came !
Would you believe the half a meter piece was enough!!...it was meant to be!!
I can't believe I don't have a picture of the fabric ...but the beautiful quilting you see on the bag was done by Lisa, wish I could say I did it!

The pattern is not difficult but does have some steps that might be a bit much for a beginner ..I would say it is an Advanced to Intermediate pattern.
The dividers in the case can be made from different FQ's but I decided to use up this cream fabric I had a ton of...and of course some Ikea polka dots were a must !
I first thought the pattern required a lot of fabric but I soon discovered it wasn't as bad as I believed....I could used everything out of my stash.

That is the exterior & lining pattern piece ! BIG !!!
The originally pattern has 12 dividers but when I started to sew it I decided it was to many for me...
So I decide to make only 6 dividers ..this causes my case not to open as wide but that OK, I wanted a file type of case.
To make the dividers stand up nicely & to be a bit firmer & to save on all the interfacing the pattern calls for ...I made little tunnels at the top & bottom of the divider pieces & slide in cable ties ( I think you call them zip ties in the USA ?? ).....make sure you shorten them a good 1/2" in from each side...you don't want your machine sewing through them ! 
Next challenge was sewing the handle...look how thick that is ...but I did it without breaking a needle! ( Schmetz Universal #100) 

Once the dividers were attached to the exterior, then came the worst part ..for me ...sewing on the binding!! 
...thats a lot of binding to do by hand and since there is S520 stabilizer in there ...there is no way I was going to attempt it by hand...but sewing on binding with the machine is not one of  my strengthnesses! 
Rachel had suggested I glue basted it on...then I remembered I had an old bottle of "Liqui Fuse! ...I sewed the first half on like you do on a quilt...then I added the fusible glue ( very little goes a long way) and I ironed it over fusing it in place...worked like a charm!!...now to get it in the machine & sew a straight neat line ...thats another story!
I won't lie to you ....a lot of huffing & puffing went on....but I did it.! 
Its not perfect but I am happy with it ...yes, it is filled with " I would like to sew" projects!

If you would like to make you own case & support a great cause...building a school in Zambia
...get the pattern *here*
Happy Sewing !!

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  1. Oh my gosh - that's my favourite one ever! I need one, but I'm certainly not at advanced level - if you ever sell this one, or want to make another, PLEASE can I have one!

  2. Dear Liz,
    this one is erfect, love the Idea with the "Kabelbinder" on top and bottom. Have to remember that one.

  3. Hi Liz,
    this Bag is great! The Idea with the Kabelbinder is really good! Thanks for this idea!
    Great thing for supporting a school building in Zambia. Good luck to this!
    Have a happy sewing day,

  4. das ist ja ein tolles Teil - ich bin total begeistert !!!
    LG Brigitte

  5. Great idea on using zip ties. Unfortunately, I would need 16 of these because my "want to sew' list is much bigger than my available time. I like the idea you could corral not only the pattern but the fiddly hardware/ribbon/whatever into each section. Now I want to make one and add file tabs on top.
    Or. better yet, stand in line behind Benta.

  6. How did you know red is my favorite color? :-) I love it! And the dots are the perfect touch! I love the idea of using the zip ties~ you are very clever! It is just beautiful.

  7. Oh that is pretty and a LOT of work for a storage item. sigh, if only I had the time. Love the cable tie substitution and how you review the pattern.



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