Thursday, October 22, 2015

Purse Palooza 2015....

I had the pleasure of doing a pattern review for  Purse Palooza 2015, can pop over to Sara's Blog to read all about it ...or here is the abridged version !

 The pattern I picked to review is .....
I am sure a lot of you know Charlie's Aunt patterns
...those are the ones that use those lovely plaids & tweeds...romantic British style !

I found the bag smaller then I expected...
.. ..I should of read the measurements on the pattern but who reads such stuff!! ?? LOL
It is 9"H x 14"W x 4" D 

The fabric amounts given on the pattern are generous.
 Since I used wide upholstery fabrics I didn't need much.
The patterns says to use quilted calico for the "wadding" ...I just love words like "wadding"
...I had no idea what "quilted calico" was,  so I had to ask the British ladies on FB.
I substituted 5mm headliner for the quilted calico.
The only other change I made...I lengthened the handles. 

**I used a plain & tweed upholstery fabric for the exterior & cotton for the lining**

About the Pattern... 
  • Only 6 pages of instructions ( plus 4 pages of pattern pieces)  so you could print it out if I wish to ... sometimes I like to have a paper pattern to scribble notes on.
  • It has big diagrams...reminded me of the Simplicity patterns I use to sew as a young girl. 
  • Easy to read & follow
  • One thing I missed was the 1" test square all pdf patterns have so that I know it is printing correctly. The whole time I hoped it was the right size. 
  • If I was to nitpik ..I'd say that I didn't need a pattern piece for the handles...a measurement would of sufficed.
  • It doesn't really tell you where to attach the second half of the magnet but I figured it out.
  • I would of liked the "Fabric Suggestions" listed above with the "Material list" as opposed  to the last page on the bottom of the pattern.
  • But like I said this is "nitpicking"
Sewing was a fairly quick since there really are not that many pieces to the pattern ...body, front & back pocket, gusset & tab..thats it ! ( Lining of course,  & a simple slip pocket.)
From the ease of sewing... I would of said a Beginner could sew this ..but a Confident Beginner would be a better choice because it is a bit tricky setting the gusset on a really have to stop on the dot ! Thats why I say a confident beginner or a quilter that is use to doing Y seams wouldn't have a problem ! But thats the hardest part...the rest is easy, even if it looks harder, its not!
The front of the bag has a nice V shape that creates a pocket ( front & back) ...perfect for the cell phone or keys.
The interior has a simple slip pocket could add a zipper if you wished. I personally found the opening of the bag small for my hands ...guess British ladies have small dainty hands.
Review...I find "Charlie's Aunt" patterns have a different flare & charm then the bags I usually sew. A real British country feeling! It makes me want to strolling through the countryside of England! 
I found the pattern easy to understand & fast to sew...but if I did it again I would enlarge the pattern & probably change the top part so that it had a bigger opening but these are just my personal preferences.

......I have a couple more of Charlie's Aunt patterns sitting here waiting to be sewn... I will definately make them since they are fast, easy & I have some wonderful Harris Tweed that is dying to be used...

Thanks for having me be part of Purse Palooza 2015 Sara !
Happy Sewing


  1. You've made a beautiful and charming bag, Liz! Love your purse perfection!!

  2. Hi Liz,
    thank you for this preview, another wonderful Bag!
    Happy weekend to you,
    Hugs, Claudia xo

  3. Nah, we don't have dainty hands! My first thought was ooh, that's a narrow opening, but I love the sides of it



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