Friday, February 26, 2016

Fine & Dandy...

is the Ultimate pouch!
At least I think it is !
I is my newest pattern!! LOL
I am proud to present...Fine & Dandy!!
 I designed this pattern with faux leather & machine embroidery in mind.
It is my mission to get everyone to try sewing with faux leather.. I want to help take some of your fear away and for those of you that have embroidery machines sitting in the corner collecting is time to dust them off and have some fun!

I think the pouch looks really stylish when its closed with what I call Faux Piping accents ( don't panic no real piping is used here) but best of all ..when you open it, it opens wide into a rectangular shape you can see everything that is in there !
It is LOADED with pockets..a couple slip pockets and pleated pockets that wrap around the whole interior !

The pattern comes in 2 sizes ...
Small - 7"H X 11.5" W X 4"D
Large - 8.5H X 13.5" W X 5" D

I think the small ( Fine) is the perfect "normal sized" pouch for sewing supplies, makeup, pencil crayons, medicine...anything! ... the all purpose size.

The large ( Dandy) my personal is really can use it as a toiletry pouch for vacations or as my hubby said...finally a pouch he can put something in ! 
Whichever size you make, I am sure you will love it! ...actually I think you will end up making them both! 

Fine & Dandy make a nice pair!

 You can find my pattern in is on SALE till Monday... 

Just in case you don't wish to sewing it in faux leather also looks great in fabric...more samples to come tomorrow or pop over to my Facebook group and be flooded with lots of ideas!

Happy Sewing!!
P:S: The machine embroidery designs were a freebie by Belinda Salvesen of the UK Machine Embroidery FB group.


  1. Hi Liz,
    those pouches are GEORGEOUS!
    Love the colours and the Embroidery!
    Have a happy weekend,
    Love and hugs, Claudia xo

  2. Wundervolle Taschen von der Taschenqueen:-))
    LG Angelika

  3. Liz your bags and wonderful! I love the look of the faux leather and am eager to give that new (to me) medium a try. I have just purchased your pattern. Would it be possible to post a link to the dandelion pattern, or at least give us a hint as to how to locate it. I found Belinda's groups but am overwhelmed (in a good way) the the information posted there. It will take me weeks of spelunking to glean the wealth of talent in those posts! Thanks for your creations!



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