Friday, March 25, 2016

Sew Brit Bag Camp 2016....

...was a BLAST!!!

I am back from my weekend of teaching at the Sew Brit Bag Camp in England! 
Where do I start?? 
If you have never done a sewing retreat weekend it ! 
It is soooooo much fun!!
It may seem weird to spend the weekend with women you have never met....just remember, they have the same love ( obsession) for fabrics, sewing & bags as you do...what could are better ??? ...
Nothing...not even chocolate!!

The Sew Brit Bag Camp was set in the lovely English countryside of Derbyshire.
I kept expecting to see Bilbo Baggins coming around the corner...No luck!
We had 2 cottages to sew, sleep, eat & chatter in! 
 I wish I had taken a few pictures of the inside before the ladies arrives...they were pretty cottages ...till we took over !! 
Thats when the fun began!!
I thought the Germans could bake lovely cakes ...but I have to tell you Christine ( one of the participants ) baked some awesome cakes !! The Chocolate cake & Walnut Coffee cake were to die for and the Banana cake ( one of my favorites) was made especially for me !!...I have never had a ginger cake or fruit cake these too were delicious! 
Thank you Christine ...sorry I ever doubted you can bake!!!!! 
As much as I enjoyed the cakes..the best part was meeting the ladies...
I have know Samantha  ( one of the organizers of the Bag Camp) for about 4-5 years now...I started by testing for her and we became friends. She is sweet & adorable! She went out of her way to make everyone feel welcome. I know I felt welcome!

Most of the other camp participants I have seen their names from Facebook. 
It was sooooooo cool to finally have a "real " person to connect the name to.....not to mention hearing all their British accents ! 
I am thrilled to say all the participants were AWESOME!! They were friendly, funny,  & open to learning ! It truly was a pleasant experience!! 

We also had a Secret Sister game....Every time I went to my room there was another red package in front of my gift #4 or 5, I was feeling really spoiled and curious who knew me so well?? It wasn't till the end that I found out the sneaky person behind all these wonderful gifts was Christine !!
 ( I got Harris Tweed, beautiful Cottons, Real leather & Cork!!!!  ( I got emotional on those ones!) ...a lovely scarf, funny pincushion & Peltex ! ...I'd say I was spoiled rotten!!! ...but it does feel good!! LOL)

Needless to say I did a bit of shopping myself ...some faux leathers....
 ...some cottons, duck cloth, decorator fabrics, Essex Linen & threads ....
 ...and some bag hardware from Emmaline bags !! ...Can't wait to use these !!! They are sooooo pretty!!
When I wasn't busy shopping...I actually did teach the ladies all about faux leather ...I think I took their fear of faux leather away since they produced some beautiful bags & I didn't hear any cussing!! These are from the advanced class...
(the Mainstream class weren't quite done & I forgot to take a group photo )

If you wish to read more from a participants view point of the Sew Brit Bag Camp...Christine did a post on her blog...check it out *here*...

I for one am glad to have been part of the Sew Brit Bag Camp 2016...I am sure there will be more ! 
Not only did I get a suitcase full of fabrics...but 14 new awesome friends!!

Happy Sewing!

A few of my impressions From England with Love ...

They call French Fries ...Chips
They call Chips ...Crisps
They LOVE their Chips & Crisps
We really need to talk to them about their driving on the left hand side of the road....scared the dickens out of me !!LOL
Fish & chips were awesome...all other foods need salt & pepper.
Super friendly people with awesome hospitality !
A special Thank you to Jane for bringing me to & from the airport, having me overnight, for the best Fish & chips I have ever had & for the autographed book from Dyan Reaveley !! 
( last year I discovered Dyan's Dylusions paints & have been a fan ever since) 

Could a person have a better trip...I need 2 days to I'd say ...probably not!! 


  1. was fab to finally meet you a sewing retreat virgin , I was unsure what to expect, but had an amazing time........and cant wait to do it all again!

  2. You lucky duck, sounds like everyone had a blast...I wanna come next time lol The ladies did great with the faux leather...I've not used it myself...vinyl for id pockets has been bad enough...I could've filled a swear jar right up last time I used it hahaha

    The cottages look spectacular. Am glad you went and that you had fun too.


    1. You know you are welcome but the jet lag might kill you !!LOL

  3. It was just the best, I too was nervous didn't need to be, everyone was so friendly and the teaching from Liz, Samantha and Katy was superb, everyone helped each other it was over too soon though, thanks Liz your stories were fantastic and I was lucky to have you as my Secret Sister I got the jackpot! And yes Christine's cakes were delish.

  4. So glad it went well! Hope there is another one soon!!!

  5. I really enjoyed all the chatter leading up to it, during and after. I just wish I could have been there if nothing else to eat those cakes. Its been 20 years I have't had fruit cake.

  6. This sounds great, what a lovely post.

  7. It was a brilliant weekend, the first sewing retreat I have been on. I was very nervous and it was quite a learning curve as bag making techniques and tools are very different to dressmaking, but with the help and guidance of our fantastic teachers and the help from the camp members I was thrilled with the bag I made. I really hope there will be another one in the future.

  8. I too wasn't quite sure what I had signed up for - a weekend away in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of women I had never met???? But it was better than fine. It was a brilliant time in a beautiful place. Plus I have another fabric-based obsession to follow with a great bunch of like-minded friends. Thanks to the organisers for a job well done!

  9. I really didn't want to write something that sounds too jealous, but, I can hardly manage it - I wish I'd been there!!! Everything about this sounds brilliant! Someday.... someday.....
    Great write-up - so happy to get to share vicariously!



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