Monday, January 26, 2009

Mondays !

Does anyone like Mondays ??
I am not crazy about them.
The weekend is over and life has to get back to normal....(sigh)
I would rather stay in bed where it is nice and warm and cozy ..... double sigh!
My mother always said never do anything important on a Monday doctors appts, no meetings, etc. People don't want to talk to you on a Monday. So as a good daughter I listen to my mother ( big chuckle) and only go shopping, surf the net or stay in bed on works for me !

I have to admit I am not a "Morning Mouse" I am more of a "Night Owl".
All the talk about "the early bird getting the worm"...there is no worm I am interested in getting before 8:30am (9:00 am is better) !
But I have noticed that as I get older I get up earlier. When I was younger I could stay up late into the morning sewing away; actually it was my favorite noise, to disturbances. I can't do that anymore, my eyes fall to my knees and my bed calls my name. Is this the first sign of getting old ?? Naaa, I think the aches & pains, the need for glasses were the first signs.

Isn't Mother Nature funny....when we were young we could sleep all day ( what a waste of youth) When we get older we can't sleep ( this is when we have nothing else to do but sleep)....ahhhhh, life is funny !

Well, this night owl is going to grab herself another cup of coffee and face the day. If I get pooped out I am going to do as our dog Max does...take a nap !

Happy Monday !

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  1. I don't care for Mondays either Liz, but I still get up early and face the day. A cup of tea is my thing then I go bloggin. Max looks so comfy.
    Hugs Susan