Sunday, January 25, 2009

One WISP done ...100 to go !

Well I did it ! I locked myself in my sewing room and told my DH not to call me unless the house was on fire. I was going to get something done if it killed me !!

May Britt and Kris have a Challenge going on that we have to finish at least one WISP, UFO, project, etc per month and your name goes into a drawing। I signed up since I figured it might be a good way for me to finish up some stuff and a kick in the butt helps :-)You can read all about it on their Blogs.

I finally finished one of my WISP!!!
For my birthday ( last June, that tells you how old this WISP is) I got a Singer featherweight and I had wanted to sew a cover for the case and a little thread catcher. I had all the pieces cut out and embroidered, I just had to put it all together. After a lot of fussing I got it done.
I am so thrilled with it ...most of all that is is done!
Here is the front with a tiny thread catcher.

Here's the back with the serial number and birth date ( everyone has a birthday, why not my machine ?)

I also made the Pajama for it it is on the machine open & closed.
Don't want it getting scratched when it is sleeping.

A close up of the tiny thread catcher. Isn't it too cute ??
The top is a pincushion (filled with sand) and weights it down to hang on the table. Now all those thread scraps don't have to land on the floor, they have a home of their own.

I am on cloud Nine for finally finishing something. Go dig out an old project and get it done and you can join me on cloud Nine!
I wonder if this counts as 1 Wisp or 3 ?? I'll have to ask May Britt.

Only one more week till the end of the month...lets see what else I can finish ?

Now I am taking a break, my back is killing me and a girl can only be locked up in her sewing room for so long before her belly starts to grumble.
Happy WISP-Busting !!


  1. Hi Liz,

    Congratulations on finishing the cover for your sewing machine, it looks great! And welcome into the blogging world!

  2. Super job!!! The featherweight is really cute and you made "her" a beautiful and cozy outfit! WAY TO GO! :-) Hugs, Julia

  3. The sewingmachine cover looks great. And I guess it feels good to have some finishes :)

  4. Hi, Liz. Susan told me about your blog and I had to visit. I have to read your profile to see where you are in Germany. I've visited Germany several times and love the Black Forest region, in particular. Welcome to the world of blogging. I have a food blog. I quilt, too, but haven't gotten into a quilting blog...yet.

  5. Your case cover is beautiful, also the threadholder. Hugs, Brigitte