Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A good day

I have avoided the computer all was tough but I did it !
I wanted to get a few things done and it has a way of stealing the hours away. It amazes me how I can sit down to quickly check my emails and all of a sudden 2 hours are gone ! Where does the time go ?? Are there little gremlins messing with my clock ?? Today I didn't let them win!

First off, I am very happy to report that I finally got some packages packed up and ready to be mailed. I am good at starting packages but awful at mailing them. My problem is finding the right size box, writing the card and of course thinking of one more thing that can go in it. I can procrastinate this for months ( and I have!) But I am happy to report I finally have a few promised packages ready ( Julia, yours is still in the working stage but as soon as I find a box big it goes..LOL) Tomorrow morning I am going to hit the post office and get them the heck out of here ! It feels so good to have that off my shoulders!Why do I procrastinate so ?

In one of the boxes is a WISP I have been working on . I can't show you the finished product till she gets it.... don't want to spoil the surprise but here is a sneak preview....

This is bee-ing sent to a very special person.....

( I know this is corny but I couldn't resist!)

As all quilters I have more fabric then I can use in this lifetime ( or the next...but don't tell my DH ...this is our secret!). Last year I promised myself not to buy anymore fabric (unless absolutely necessary) that I was going to do a bit of Stash-busting. I was very good last year.I didn't buy anything...but then again I didn't sew anything!
This year is another thing...I just had to buy a little ( this too is our secret!)
Look at these pretty colors...I just had to have them !

I am in a pink phase of my life, especially roses...I love roses! I was never a pink person before ( more of a red person) so I don't have much pink in my stash, so what is a girl to do ?? Start collecting some ! Along with the pink I needed some paler greens and beiges and of course some WOW and a bit of red for my redwork.
See...I can justify it all!

Then I found these funky fabrics...they just called my home they came !

So as you can see, today was a good day for me. As I was packing up packages the mailman was delivering some. I hope he rings again tomorrow ! Doesn't the mailman always ring twice ?? I sure hope so!
I am off to play with my new friends!

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  1. LOL! I can't believe how much we are alike... I have a problem with mailing things too... over the years I have written long letters to people only to still have them sitting there for a couple of months and then chucking them out... could be because I have to go in to town to deliver and pick up mail...

    The pink phase.... yeah, that's me too right now... and the roses... VBG ... could be the Shabby Chic thing so in fashion right now.

    And about the fabric... what crafter doesn't have a stash that could probably fill a few closets, only to find that what they loved and bought a few years ago for that special item doesn't quite meet with their tastes anymore and the project either went unfinished or by the wayside... LOL!