Friday, February 13, 2009

Hubbys at home

Do you ever notice that when our DH's are at home we get nothing done ?? Or is it just me ??
My DH had the last couple of days off. Don't get me wrong...I love when he is home and we can spend time together but for some reason the days pass in a whirlwind and my week is mixed up.

We did a bit of shopping, took care of errands, slept in late and had a lovely walk in the woods. Not in that order of course.
I needed to go into town to find some fabric and rick rack. I was unsuccessful with either..but I did find the funniest little earrings...I just had to have them.
Doesn't every Quilter need these ???

What is the funniest thing you have picked up shopping?
We girls are famous for finding stuff that when we show our DH's, they either roll their eyes or shake their heads. My DH must of been in a good mood when I showed him the earrings...he just smiled and said.."if you want them, get them" ! Men have a way of ruining the fun but I got them anyways!

As some of you have read, last weekend was our Anniversary and since I was sick in bed we didn't really celebrate...unless you consider hot tea and cold medicine a celebration?.
I had told my DH that the 12th Anniversary is Pearls or a trip to Japan and since I don't see a ticket to Japan he owes me pearls. The funny man said..."he would of taken me to Japan but I am sick". I told him that by the time we land I would be better! He didn't go for it ...but it was worth a try. he owes me pearls !
I told him I wanted simple earrings, in silver not gold, a single pearl hanging down, not to big, not to small. No diamonds or other schnick-schnack. Something I could were everyday. Well, I guess that was to much info for when we were shopping he told me to pick out a pair I like. Well, you don't have to tell a women twice to pick out jewelry. As it turned out it wasn't so easy but since I was on a mission we weren't coming home till I had my pearls! I wasn't going to give him a chance to change his mind !
After a lot of jewelry stores ...I found them !! And a necklace to was on sale, so how could I say No ?!
Aren't they lovely ? I love them ! They look great on...heck pearls always look good on!
My DH is back to work today...he said he had to go make more money...funny guy !
Wait till I tell him next year is "fur"or a trip to France...that should knock him over!
Paris here I come !!!!


  1. oh Liz I am so glad you are feeling better. I love your little scissor earrings. Too cute. But those Peals WOW they are lovely. Good job Ingo for taking you shopping. Maybe I can tell Tim for our 36 th anniversary it's

  2. The scissor earrings are very cute and the pearl jewelry is lovely! Since Ingo is fond of animals, I guess you will have a good chance to go to France next year ;-)... Hugs, Julia

  3. And I thought I was the only one that felt that way when my DH was home, LOL!

    What a lovely belated anniversary present.... better to get something you like than have them pick something out that you don't... I say... always pick your own gifts that way you will always wear/use it. VBG



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