Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's snowing ...again!

What is going on here ?? I haven't seen so much snow since I lived in Canada!
Is Mother Nature messing with us ?? Or have we messed with her so much that she is rebelling ?
Good thing I don't have to go out today and can enjoy the snow from the warmth of our home. Go ahead, call me chicken but I don't miss the cold temperatures of Canada ...burrrrrrr. Besides I don't have any long johns.

Can you see the snowflakes falling. They are those big ones we loved as a kid.

I know it looks like a winter wonderland but it doesn't feel like no wonderland...double burrrrr!
I need some sunshine...I need warmth !
Somewhere warm, sunny, and exotic would be nice !!
I need a vacation !


  1. great pictures of the snow . I am with you I don't miss the cold and snow either. I would stay inside with a nice roaring fire and some hot cocoa or maybe a hot toady

  2. Hmmmm.... I'm with you there... unfortunately my DH was born and raised here and there is absolutely no chance ofmoving... me... well... give me the ocean anytime VBG



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