Monday, March 2, 2009


Did you notice that the minute people hear you sew they say....can you shorten this, repair that, take this in.
I hate alterations !
I have my own full basket to prove it !
The stuff probably doesn't fit anymore or is out of style, since they have been sitting there so long.

My Father-in-law got new curtains for his bedroom ( I talked him into it since he has allergies and the old ones were to thick and collected dust to fast)
So we got new sheers...and guess who has the pleasure of shortening them ??
I hate shortening sheers...its a nightmare but since it was my great idea I get to do it ...yepee !
Why do they make sheers so long ?? Does anyone actually hanging them from the ceiling ?? Ten centimeters shorter would be perfect but nooooo they make them soooo long.
I really have to talk with the manufacturers !

The one thing I hate even more then sheers are zippers !!
My family have all been informed ...I don't do zippers !!! (only if I am making a purse but that doesn't count)
If they break their zipper they have to take it to a tailer !
I am not a tailor, I am a quilter / crafter and we don't do zippers !
It just takes to much time, to much cussing and broken needles and the whole day is shot. It is easier to buy a new pair of pants ! I won't even get started on the nightmare of buying pants !

It is stuff like this that makes me wish I didn't sew but then there is the other side...when I finish something I like that I enjoyed sewing.
A week ago I showed you a sneak preview of a wall hanging was a surprise for a very special person sister Eva.
The packaged arrived...she opened it ...she loved it ( of course :-) and now I can post a picture.

This is for her crafting room door.
She does lovely Scrapbooking. She finally got a room just for her hobby and now she can just close the door when it is in the "creating" stage".
If anyone in the family says anything about the mess...she just has to point to the sign's her room ! Thats what I do !

It is stuff like this I like to make...not shorten this, repair that, take this in.

I think I need to make a new sign for my door......
........I don't do Alterations !

Now that I got it off my chest..back to shortening the sheers...ugh !


  1. Hi Liz,
    du sprichst mir aus der Seele;-)

  2. How funny, you are so right. people know you have a sewing machine and they come out of the woodwork. lol I have fabric here to make drapes/curtains for my neighbor. I too have shorten her curtains before not sheers. Any ways I need to learn to say no thank you. I am just not interested in . But no is very hard for me to say. Hmmm I need to start those curtains this week. thanks for the reminder

  3. LOL! I hear you! I just finished repairing a snowmobile cover for my DH... come to think of it, it was right after that that my sewing machine went on the fritz??!!?? I also have two pairs of coveralls he needs the cuffs removed from and then a small hem put in its place.... ever try getting the threads picked out of an industrial sewn item... grrrr! I don't know, as soon as he sees my machine come out... his list of repairs come out.... darning holes, fixing seams, replacing zippers - your are right, ugh! And what about those people who think you can turn one thing into something completely different in the snap of your fingers!!!

    Now on to your little wall hanging, it is adorable... don't know how I missed it when you posted it before, but it is lovely... no wonder your sister loved it!


  4. Yes I have alterations too I guess we all do, my problem is teenage boys who are ruff with their clothes grr! Oh I love Eva's wallhanging I need one too!
    hugs Karen



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