Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Helping the economy!

Boy, have I missed you all !
I am having Blogging withdrawals !
It has been such a busy week that I haven't had a chance to sit down and write.
My Honey was home for a few days last week, which meant he had me on the go.
In the evenings I was to tired to even produce a clear thought, never mind write one. I don't care what I have to do...I am Blogging first !

First off, I want to send a big THANK YOU to dear sweet friend Liz B in England.
In a Yahoo group that we both belong to, was a game and I lost but she won :-)
Since she felt I should of won ( don't know why ?)
She said she would send me a consolation prize. I told her she won fair & square!
A couple of days again this lovely package arrived.
Look at the beautiful fabric and the trims are to die for !!
I haven't seen any so pretty before. I have to think of something special to use them on.
Thank you Liz !!
This is nicer then any prize I could of won !!
Losing is good !

Last week I was at my first Auction.
One of the stereo /appliance shops (Media Markt) were having a big auction for 3 days on all their floor models.
I have been wanting a Dyson vacuum for a long time but just couldn't get myself to pay the 500€ price tag.
Would you believe they were auctioning off 3 different Dysons ( a big one, a little one and an upright).
So off we went to the should of seen all the people there. I guess everyone was looking for a deal.
After a little wait my vacuum came up....I was so nervous ! I don't know why ?? I just was! I guess I wanted to win the vacuum and not go over my limit.
I stood there acting really cool but inside my heart was beating a hundred miles a minute ( all this over a vacuum!) every time a bid was made I just lifted my pen up to bid higher. (Mrs. Cool)
In the end, I won and stayed within my limit ...I was so excited ! The whole time my Hubby hide ( he's a bigger chicken then I am ) Then came the upright for bidding ....up went my pen !
At this point my Hubby showed up again and got really nervous when he saw me bidding on a second vacuum ( he though I had lost my mind or had bidding fever) I wanted to win the upright for our upstairs but the price went to high so I stopped. I don't know how people go to auctions all the time nerves couldn't handle it.
But I am really happy with my Dyson...I can't believe what power it has (compared to our old Dirt Devil anything would of been better)
This vacuum can suck the hair off our dogs butt ! LOL
No, didn't do that but if he keeps shedding any more I just might consider it!
This is my Dyson....I never thought I would get excited about a vacuum.I guess I am getting old !To make the weekend more exciting, a big department store was having a sale on Pots & Pans. Most sets were discounted about 40% and if you brought your old ones in you got 10€ per pot extra off.
Well, you didn't have to tell me twice....I gathered up all our old pots and off we went. Our set was old and Teflon coated and scratched up. I always said if I got new pots I would get stainless steel ones ( I like shiny things..LOL) Of course they had a set I have had my eye on by WMF ...and home they came with us. I love that the handles don't get hot.
Now I can burn meals like the Pros !!
As we know, everything comes in 3's ! Of course another store was having a sale on appliances and since I needed a new we went again.
Pat, I had to think of you when I bought the iron is purple !!
I doubt it will make ironing more fun but hopefully it will get the wrinkles out of my patchwork fabrics quicker.I can't believe all the household stuff we bought this week. Either I am turning into a Domestic Goddess or I need a new hobby !
After a week of shopping with my Honey...We have decided that we can't afford any more sales ... saving all this money will put us in the poor house !
I hope this helps the economy a bit since it didn't help our bank account. ;-)

Now that I am shopped out, it is time to get back to my WISP's
Hope to have some pictures soon.


  1. Hello Liz, You have been missed!!!! But I see you have been having heaps of fun shopping. Your new iron looks sorta like my new on I got at Christmas time. I love it. Your pots and pans look very professional and the new vacum looks very powerful. Never seen one sooo big. Hugs Judy

  2. Hi, Liz,

    don´t worry - I´ve got a Dyson and WMF pots and pans but I´m very far from being a domestic goddess. Must b something in the genes that I missed out on during conception.
    Hugs, Sabine

  3. Liz, I am so happy you went tot he auction and got what you wanted, But I will tell you When we had Samy when I brought out the vacumm he would lay down he knew I would sweep him. I know what you mean about shedding it was constant. he loved it it was part of me cleaning house. lol
    What kind of iron did you get I need a new one too.

  4. Wowo what a day Liz! I believe that you were exhausted after all the shopping :-))) Can I send you Argo for a "service" with you new wacum?