Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I love Pincushions!
Old, new and everything in between!
Actually, I love all old sewing items...needle books, tape measures, threads,baskets, name it...if it has to do with sewing.. I love it!

Last night I finally made a couple of Pincushions I have wanted to make for a while. They were super easy and fast! The hardest part was deciding which colors to make them ...the choices are endless! I finally decided to go for simple red & white.

This is made from a Golf Tee.
Eva, now you know what I wanted those golf tees for ! The little flower pincushions sits right in your spool of thread.

Here is the oldest pincushion I own. It was my Hubbys grandma's and has hung on her kitchen wall for as long as anyone can remember. Every time I would visit her, she would have me thread a few needles ( since she couldn't see the eye of the needle anymore) so she could have it ready for when she had to sew on a button or fix something. I rescued it when she went into a nursing home. In October she will be 100 yrs old! That pincushion could tell some tales !

The iron was also hers and she used it till electric irons came out.
They weigh a ton! I can't imagine pressing sheets all day with those. Boy, do we have it good !

These are some of the ones I made. I especially love my Hussif. I'll have to take some pictures of it open and post them later. It was so much fun to make. Thank you Pat !!

The tea cup, donut and tomato are from my dear friend Susan.
Don't you just love the stick pins she made me !

Just some things I have collected that I like.
The little doll was made by a lady in Hungry.

Here are a few links...I have tons more, if you are looking for something special.

Golf Tee Pincushion

Sewing Kits made from Altoid tins

Step by step instructions how to make Biscornu ( this doesn't have to be stitched, it can also be made from fabric)

Adorable tiny PC from Bottlecaps.
Be sure to check out Jen's other PC's ..these are just to cute! I love the crown own...fitting for a Queen :-)

A cupcake

House..super clever


Prettiest ones I have ever seen

Good for sure to check out her other ones.

Cute Mice PC

Whole bunch of links ..I haven't checked all these out yet.

and more links...

This should keep you busy for a while :-)


  1. it is nice to see some of your pincushions. Awww yes My mother crocheted a pincushion and it hung in her kitchen as well. I remember her sitting at the table sewing buttons and darning our socks.
    Thanks for Sharing

  2. Liz, your pincushions are all lovely, as are your antique items...

    Isn't it lovely to have a keepsake from your dear GIL that you can look upon with fond memories...

  3. These pincushions were great. Have a nice weekend

  4. Hello Liz, WOW, I love your pincushion collection. Lovely. I also truly love your hussif. You have a wonderful collection of treasures. I have a lovely CQ kit for one but have not had time to create it yet. Must get moving on it. Hugs Judy



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