Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sewing Studio

Are you messy or tidy ??
Do you like clutter or things organized?
I hate to admit it but I hate clutter and messy ! I have to have things tidy and organized.
I know there are a lot of people out there that can't work in a tidy room....they need the clutter to feel comfortable
I need to be able to find things when I am looking for them...I hate wasting time searching for hours for a piece of fabric or lace when I want it. It destroys my creativity.
Actually, I usually get side tracked and forget what I was looking for.

Don't get me wrong, my sewing room can look like a bomb hit it when I am in the middle of creating, designing or sewing something but once I am done I have to clean it up otherwise I can't start another project. It stifles me. It kills my creative juices. I don't feel comfortable in my room. That is why I love boxes, drawers, baskets...anything I can sort / hide my stuff in. Believe me, every corner is filled. And if I could I would fill it with more stuff. I am a collector, I hate throwing things away. (one day I may need it ?) but that is why I have to have it organized otherwise I am lost.
My father always said " A place for everything and everything in its place!" I took it literally!

After all this talk about my tidy sewing room, I am sure you want to see pictures...well here they come. If you click on the pictures you get a bigger view.

This is from left to right...cupboards filled with fabric. As you can see I organize my fabrics by colour ( this is just a sample)

Cutting table with more cupboards along the wall...these are filled with fabric by theme .. Christmas, fall, etc. I want to make a new cutting table with drawers or shelves underneath, so if anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate them.

This is where I sew & embroider. Drawers are filled with color of course :-)
And to the right of the machine is where I am blogging you from.

As we continue the tour, you will see my Big ironing board...and more cupboards filled with crafting supplies. Last year I had to get the big cupboard on the right for my crazy quilting supplies; it is filled with laces, trims & beads. My hubby hates when I start a new hobby, he knows it means a new cupboard for storage :-)
You should of seen his face the day I came home with some wool...he asked..."your not going to start knitting now are you ?" I reassured him that I have no talent for knitting, I need the wool for crazy quilting (embellishments).. he breathed a great sigh of relief !

Here is my design wall. I love this! We made it out of Styrodor and covered it with flannel so the blocks could stick to it and if they didn't I could use pins to hold it. That is my "Journey of a Quilter" hanging on it. The blocks are pieced & stitched but I want to make the quilt bigger so that I can actually use it as a cuddle quilt and not a wallhanging. This WISP will take a while longer.

Now we are back at the door..
......I hope you enjoyed the tour of my Sewing room? Come by any time!
Now I am off to make a mess !
Happy Sewing !


  1. great sewing room Liz, where is your quilting frame?

  2. Dear Liz,
    your sewing room looks great... Jens just suggested I should invite you over ... so you could show me to have such a tidy room ;-))

    Take care,

  3. Liz... what a lovely sewing room... I think my whole house could almost fit into your sewing room, LOL!

    I keep my supplies out in a room in the garage, it was supposed to be my studio, but it keeps getting filled up with more "stuff", and I keep having to sort it... so I keep sewing in my living room/kitchen/dining room (like I said, my house is small) :-( LOL!

  4. Liz, what a beautiful sewing room!! You have so much storage/breathing space!!!!
    I'm the same as you...I have to be organized, but during a project, well, it can get pretty messy!! Thanks for the tour!!
    PS Good luck in the draw this evening!
    Mary Ann

  5. Hello Liz, Your sewing room is absolutely gorgeous and perfectly laided out. As soon as I do a bit of upkeep in my sewing room then I will take some pics of mine too. I have expanded a bit into the sunroom too. LOL Hugs Judy