Monday, April 27, 2009

Flowers everywhere

On the weekend we had beautiful weather and my Honey didn't feel like moving dirt again so he suggested we go to a few nurseries. You should of seen how fast I was dressed ! You don't have to ask me twice if I want to buy plants ...I love flower shopping! I wish I knew more about gardening so I felt more confident about what I was buying but I will learn. Either they will grown for me or I won't buy them again...being a beginner I am allowed to make some mistakes!
Maybe I should get myself a gardening book...anyone have any suggestions ??

We have an ugly stone wall that runs along the backside of the property ( actually it is the stone wall for the castle behind our house. I shouldn't complain...not everyone has a castle behind their home but I want to plant high growing flowers to help camouflage it a bit.
So I picked some Delphinium, Lupin,Foxglove ( in German these are called Thimble plants...isn't that cute!) and other pretty high growing ones. Unfortunately I have no idea what they are all called in English since the tags on them are in German :-) I wanted to get some Day lilies but I couldn't find any..the hunt is not over!

Here are some pictures of what I did get.

I also picked up some geraniums for my flower boxes and some Forsythia bushes (they were reduced to 2€ so how could I resist ? I have no idea where we will plant them but I am sure we will find a spot.

The one thing I love about plants is...that you plant this tiny little thing...give it water and watch it grow! It amazes me that in a matter of a few weeks you can see new leaves, flowers and how it is making it self at home. Totally amazing! It is one of the simple wonders in life !

On Sunday we got to enjoy the other side of watching flowers grow...planting them! My Honey dug holes and then dug more holes. We transplanted some shrubs, move plants around...and dug more holes. I love planting flowers but when you spend the whole day on your knees eventually your back starts to scream in pain (I'm not as young as I think I am)

As I was laying on the couch dying Honey asked if I wanted dinner or to go for a Sundae...sometimes that man has good ideas ! Of course I picked the sundae first is to dessert first! I had a delicious Hot Raspberry sundae ( good thing I didn't take a picture or you would be drooling now). We have a little ice cream shop not far from here and it is run by two Italian brothers and I have to tell you Italians may be know for their Pizza or Pasta but they make the best ice cream in the world. It is homemade and you should see the lines outside the shop! Next time I will take a picture and you can drool with me.


  1. Good luck with your plants. Stockrosen/Prräriemalven in different colors are my favorite.

  2. Hello Liz, All your new plants for your gardens look beautiful. I look forward to seeing them blooming in your garden. Hugs Judy