Monday, April 27, 2009

Sisters are alike

You know the lilac glasses I got ....well my sister also had to get new glasses and she also got lilac ones ! How cool is that!!
The funny thing is she didn't know I was getting glasses and I didn't know she was getting any.
When she read about it on my blog she had to call me and tell me that she had just ordered Lilac glasses too!!
It goes to show you that we may be 10,000 miles apart but we are still joined at the heart!
Sis, every time I wear my glasses I will think of you! (which will be a lot !!!)
I sure do miss you !
Big hugs,

P.S. My friend Rita wrote and told me she also has lilac glasses...WOW, now we can start a lilac glasses club! I know there is a "Purple Hat" club...why can't there be a "Lilac Glasses" club. It just might be the new trend ! :-)

1 comment:

  1. Hello Liz, Love your lilac glasses and it isn't something that sometimes sisters think alike, I bought some new glasses too but they are "Pink"!! vbg Hugs Judy



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