Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Pink Day

Today I was hoping to work in the garden or go to a garden nursery but it is raining cats & dogs which means either I can sew or shop.
Guess which I picked???
Wrong !!
I decided to sew today !
Or should I say, my machine is sewing... I am just changing threads.

A friends friend had a baby girl that is sick and spends lots of time in the hospital.
The parents mentioned they would love a baby quilt.
That is where I come in...Liz to the rescue !
How could I resist not making them one ?
Besides it gives me a good reason to play with Pink fabric & threads.

I decided to machine embroidery the blocks figuring it would go fast but I have been stitching away all morning and still have 5 blocks to go.
It is amazing how tiring watching my machine work is !
This is what I have done so far....this is not the layout, just some finished blocks.The colors aren't so good, it should be a true pink...I guess rainy days are not good for taking pictures.
This is one of my favorite blocks...isn't it cute!Since I needed a break from PINK...I decided to stitch on Max's towel.
We have a towel hanging by the door for him...that we wipe his paws with and on such rainy day it comes in handy. Am I goofy or what ?
My break is over...time to grab a cup of coffee and get back to stitching the other blocks.
I think this will be a pot of coffee afternoon!


  1. Pretty in Pink the designs are so adorable and I love the towel for Max. Hmmmmmm Silly me just has a plain ole towel... better get some design and start watching my machine too. BTW it is storming here as well.

  2. lovely! i can't wait to see that quilt when it's finished. Lucky little girl :)

  3. Liz.... so generous of you, I am sure the quilt will be adorable when you finish. Love your little towel idea... but with two "girls" and sometimes the neighbour's comes to visit, and all the mud around here, I am usually changing my towel frequently, so no point in "adorning" more than one, heh heh... so I won't... but lovely idea! Hugs.