Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring really is coming !

Yesterday and today we had the most beautiful spring weather.
The sun was shining, the birds were singing and there was even a tiny breeze to make it comfortable. The air smelt fresh & sweet.
I spend the morning working in the garden. Cleaning up dead leaves, raking & pruning ( I really wish I knew what I was doing but I am sure the roses will survive ..I hope!) I wish I could say the same for my arms. They look like I got attacked by a wild cat and lost ! I think I need to get long garden gloves.... that or roses without thorns !

I dream of a garden filled with flowers of all colors. Birds singing and splashing in the bird bath.
Me laying in the hammock with a good book or some stitchery. A fresh ice tea in my hand.
Instead I have a mud pit !
A big ugly mud pit !!
You probably thinking am kidding...I am not !
Four years ago we built a house and finally this year the garden will be done ( it's a long story why it has taken so long, so I won't bore you with the details.)
Last year I couldn't see the dirt anymore, so I planted a few flower beds in the back of the house.
I needed color and flowers ! That is where the killer roses are !
They are growing and look nice but they want some more friends to join them.
Most of all they want me sitting in the hammock looking at them ! Oh, how I want that too !
Well it has finally happened...dirt was ordered ( we have to fill the yard quiet a bit)
Guess what my Hubby will be doing this weekend...shovelling !
Actually a guy with a bugger will come and move most of it around. ( I am not that mean to make my husband shovel 2 truck loads of dirt (regardless what he says :-)
Then we can lay the walkway and sod. (first I have to find stones but thats another story)
Oh, how I am looking forward to green grass !!
I know it will still take a while but at least there is hope !
Do you think it is to early for me to start making ice tea ??


  1. Hello Liz, I love seeing a photos of your new home. Very lovely and it reminds of the one I used to live in while living in Germany.

    We moved into our home back 4 years ago. It had a lovely lawn with NO flowers or bushes or roses. Sooo for the last 4 years I have planted and planted and planted. I have 9 rose bushes. My local garden club told me that roses like coffee grounds, and banana peels. I am told they produce heaps of blooms with this old secret of fertilizing. Soooo just this week I have poured coffee grounds and amended the soil with cut up banana peels. Soooo we shall see what summer will bring.

    We both have the same dreams of sitting back and enjoying our gardens. Hugs Judy

  2. Huhu, Liz,

    don´t worry - once they have settled, roses are like weed. You cannot really overprune them. Should you have cut off too much they will have less blooms in this season but those will be larger.

    Take care, Sabine



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