Thursday, May 14, 2009

Irish Blessing

I have a dear friend (Siobhan) that is Irish and the lucky duck goes to Ireland quiet often.
Since she knows how I love magazines, especially if they are in English, she always brings me a couple back.
She is not a quilter or sewer and is never sure if I will like what she gets ( I always do).
I tell her...anything quilting is great with me.

Well, to both of our pleasure ....Ireland has finally come out with its own quilting magazine.
Siobhan will always know what to get me and I will have something lovely to read.
Thank you Ireland for producing a magazine just for us ! LOL

The magazine is lovely.
The pages are colorful and the paper is the nice shiny good quality kind.
It is filled with informative articles and nice projects.
If you haven't read it yet..give it a try.

Céad Míle Fáilte

...means A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

In the third issue there is a lovely Irish stitchery project (guess you would call it "Greenwork":-) that will be going on for the next few months....guess Siobhan has to make a few more trips to Ireland...I am sure she won't mind :-)
Now I am off to check out all the links in the magazine.
I have to know where to send her shopping !
She will regret bringing me these magazines..LOL


  1. Looks like a nice magazine! Lucky you to have a friend like her.

  2. Ooooh! I love magazines too... and these look so special.... when I go anywhere I always try to find new magazines. Lucky you... I guess, the it is from "the luck of the Irish", LOL!