Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm still alive!

I can't believe it has been over a week since I have last written.
All I can say is that it was a super busy time.

On Tuesday, my Father-in-Law had his 70th Birthday and there was a million things to do.
For months I have been bugging my Hubby and his other 2 brothers what they wanted to do for their dad? As usual I got the answer ...uhhh, duhhh ??

They had no ideas what to get him or do? I told them I wasn't going to do running around at the last minute ( which I ended up doing anyways ...grrrr!)
Five days before the birthday they decided we should make a dia show ( presentation of his life).
Which meant I spend the next 2 days scanning old pictures and sending them to the one brother. He put them together in Powerpoint into a show.
Then they decided we should send him on a off I was running to travel agency's figuring out where to send the end we decided on a gift certificate so he could decide himself.
Then I got the great idea to make him an Album that all the guests could sign.
We took pictures of everyone at the party (about 55) and they all signed a page and when the pictures are developed I will glue them onto the page with the coordinating signature.
Here are a few pictures of the album:

Love those Lederhosen!

The party turned out FIL was happy ( that all that matters) and I was exhausted..LOL
On Wednesday, the one brother with his girlfriend and 3 kids left ...and I took a nap in the afternoon!
Since then I have tidied up the house, stripped all the beds, did some food shopping and took another nap.
Today I am finally feeling kind of normal again and plan on finally doing some sewing!
Off to my machine before my Hubby comes home and the weekend begins and I get nothing done.


  1. What lovely 70th celebration ideas... no wonder your F-I-L was happy. Don't you hate when exhaustion creeps up on you... or is that old age? LOL!

  2. Sounds like a great time was had by all.. Now it is your turn to rest or at least do something you enjoy. be careful when you are tired I have had to rip things out the next morning as well casue I was in a hurry. LOL it never works out well.

  3. Hello Liz, What a neat party you gave your FIL. I am sure he will have wonderful fond memories of this time. Hugs Judy



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