Sunday, June 7, 2009

Top is done!

After my mishaps yesterday, I waited till after breakfast and 3 cups of coffee to finish the quilt top.
Unfortunately it took me longer then I had thought....for some reason attaching the borders was a pain in the butt.
How can something so little give me so much trouble ???
At least the top is is laid out on the table, ready for basting ( I hate basting)...hope I can talk myself into it in the next few days. Or would someone like to come over and give me a hand ?? I'll even bake a cake !
Then will come the worst part...machine quilting it.
I don't mind doing the actual quilting...I just can never decide on what design to quilt ???
Any suggestions are welcome...quilting it for me, gets you 2 cakes :-)

P.S sorry the picture is so bad ... it rained all day and lighting was the pits.


  1. your quilt is lovely.. So delicate. Even with all your trouble look how adorable it came out. Why don't you hop on a plane and we will go over and quilt it on Amy's mid arm. lol good excuse to come over.

  2. Liz... this is absolutely delightful.... BTW, sometimes the smaller the item, the more trouble it is, LOL! I got my bags packed to come over but then I remembered I had a few tasks of my own, VBG, and I thought you said you don't actually "bake", you must be desparate, LOL! Hugs.

  3. I wish I would be the baby girl who gets this beautiful quilt. Great job! Choosing quilt patterns always give me a headache, too, especially with embroidered blocks. Besides stippling I can't really come up with something here. You might get a more exciting idea. Hugs, Julia

  4. Hello Liz, I really love the vintage look of your new quilt. I think any quilt looks allot prettier with embroidery on it. Hugs Judy



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