Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hot, Hot Hot...and I don't mean me!

I am sweating my butt off !!
Why do we say that ???
If it was true, I would be happy to give up a few pounds/rolls of my butt for a little sweat!
For all the sweating I did today, I should look like Twiggy..and believe me I don't !
English sure is a funny language!

I am still sweating my butt off!!!
It is soooooo hot!!
I see this is going to be a looooong uncomfortable night!
It is 10:30PM and still 27°C (80°F) is to hot to do anything but complain ( I am good at that)

It is days like this that I sure miss central Air conditioning...heck I miss any kind of air conditioning. Maybe I could drive around in my car for a few hours; it has AC !
Naaa, at the price of gas I better not ( I won't even get on that topic is to hot to get excited)

A swimming pool would be nice right now...but NOPE...I don't have one of those either.
Splashing around the bathtub doesn't sound as much fun.
Do you think I could convince my Honey that I need this ???
I didn't think so!
Ahhh, I see this really is going to be a looooong hot summer!

Why do we always look forward to summer? When it comes, all we do is complain how hot it is! (OK, I complain!)
I just can't understand how anyone can enjoy this hot sweaty weather where you can't breath, move or touch anyone. But every year we can't wait till summer comes!
Well it is here !And I don't want it !!
Maybe I have to be a bit move specific with Mother Nature.
I wish for 23°C (75°F) days, with a light breeze and cooler evenings so I can that so much to ask for ??
I don't think so!
But noooo...we get either rain or HOT !!
You just have to love Mother Natures sense of humor ! Ha ha ha...I am not laughing!

I think I better go take a cold shower, I see myself getting on a tantrum....forgive is the heat!
I am still sweating my butt off!
No Hugs, today..its to hot !


  1. Oh Heck....I love the weather when it is 27°C (80°F) me that is just right!! :) Wait until it gets to be 40°C then its HOT!! But I guess when you are used to a place that has very cool to cold weather all the time then anything above 20°C is getting to be hot. We have it at 13°C the last few weeks and I hate it!!! I hate the cold and I hate having to put layers and layers of clothes on just to keep warm...give me the summer :)

  2. You're right... we are a fickle bunch, aren't we! LOL! We finally got summer... yay!... two days of it, aack! We've had mostly rain and thunderstorms... a few hot days in between, either way, you can't do anything, ugh! I really hate winter (hmmm, I must be living in the wrong part of the country), but at least you can dress for it, cuddle, and sit in your shorts in front of the wood stove, LOL! Hugs anyway!

  3. Liz I am so sorry you don;t have AC. Try being here in Houston. We have had weather here for over a month of degrees over 95 the last 2 weeks we are breaking records over 100. Yesterday was 103. and the humidity is terrible. I stay in the house and yes we have AC no pool but then it is even too hot to get in a When we lived up North we had snow in the winter we don;t have snow in the winter in Houston well not often maybe 3 times in in 20 years. lol. Stay cool darling get all your fans together

  4. Hello Liz, Welcome back. You were missed. So far this summer we've had ONE week of HOT weather and I complained the whole week. LOL BUT the rest of the Spring and Summer here in Michigan has been wonderful and mostly in the 70ish Perfect in my book. OH, How I loved that pool. One of my fondest memories of living in Germany were all the community pools that were available to use to swim. Loved them. Hugs Judy

  5. I don't need summer. The heat and humidity make me feel aweful. A sunny spring or fall day is so much nicer. Maybe you can convince honey some day to build a swimming pool into your garden .... :-). Hugs, Julia

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