Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer ...

is officially here....I am sun burnt!

Don't you just love the first sun burn of the season...where the skin shrinks, itches, you glow in the dark and any touch sends you screaming...well that is how I feel.
I am a red glowing tomato and it is my Hubby's fault ! LOL
For the last few days we have had lovely summer weather...the sun is shining, the birds were singing, there was a nice breeze... perfect summer days!
Then my Hubby had to go and ruin it by suggesting we go swimming.

Don't get me wrong....I love swimming....I love water ! I am a crab (Cancer) and anything to do with water is my thing! (even if I don't look so good in a bathing suit anymore but I am at the age where I don''t care . Actually I do care but I am just to lazy to do anything about it!
God wanted me "chunky" and chunky is what I am !

We threw our bathing suits on, grabbed a towel and off to the public pool we went !
The public pools here in Germany are lovely...with parks, and slides and french fry stands !
Did we have any sunblock with us...naaaa! My Dear Hubby said we wouldn't stay long...just swim a bit and come home. Well a "bit" lasted a few hours and since we both are as white as polar bears we burnt to a crisp. (OK, I'm over exaggerating a bit but we are reeeeeally red!)

The next day he wanted to go swimming to a different pool. Me being the good ( stupid) wife I am ...grabbed her bathing suit, towel, blanket and a book this time and off we went again. But I made him stop at a store to get sunblock.
First he said ...we don't need any, we won't stay that long! (I've heard this before)
I told him if we didn't get sunblock then he can cream my body with aloe vera all night long as I scream in pain....he stopped for the sunblock! ( smart man!)
Of course we stayed longer then we should of!!! skin is alive !
I hurt in spots I didn't even know you could hurt in!

Thank goodness it is raining today!...No sun or pools for this girl for few days.
On the positive side...I will have a nice golden brown more white pasty color!
In German we have a saying "Schönheit muss leiden".....Beauty must suffer! ...well I suffered...I must be beautiful now!

All this talk about summer made me realize I never posted a picture of my "Summer Pillow".
Here it is you see the shade of red ...that is how I look !

Hope you have a nice summer day....put your sunblock on!!!


  1. Hello Liz, I have to admit I had a bit of a giggle about your pool adventures. LOL But I certainly know sunburns are NO fun. Love the stitchery on your pillow. Very lovely Hugs Judy in somewhat sunny Michigan

  2. Liz, Love your pillow but no your burn I m so sorry you hurt. burn is burn please be careful.Tke it from someone who doesn't go outside without some type of sun screen on any more



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