Monday, August 31, 2009

Almost done

I know you are just dieing to ask me how the garden is coming along ... so I will tell you .....

The last few days a lot has happened!
First they had to spread all these stones down (in the driveway) and pound them down with a machine they call a "Frog"...since it hops up and down like a frog .
I just had to share that with you since I thought it was funny...guess this garden stuff is making me "kookie"!
Then they laid allllllll the stones (Yepee!!!!) ... the finishing touch is sweeping sand between the grooves.
I love seeing a man push a broom!!
I wonder if I could get him to push it around inside our house ?? ...probably not !
Now that the guys were done with their part ( for the weekend) I couldn't wait to start planting...I have waited a long time for this moment!
Saturday morning my Hubby and I got up early to have some fun...I mean planting !!!
...first we planted the shady bed in front of the house.
I think the hostas & ferns look great.

Since that went quicker then we though...I said to my dear Hubby...we can quickly pop over to the nursery and pick up some flowers for the bed along the sidewalk.
A car full and two nursery later, we came home with 4 little shrubs.
...aren't they lovely ?We planted all Saturday and all day Sunday!
I had never dreamt it would be such a hard job but the soil was hard as a rock and turning it over almost killed us both ...but I think it was worth all the effort.
( I still have to pick up a few more flowers but 3 nurseries in one day would of killed my Hubby...he is a patient man but not that patient!)

As we worked, Max kept hiding among the flowers...I think he was afraid I would make him dig to!
Today the guys came to prepare the ground for sod.
They rototilled it, they flatted it...they even raked it ...till it was smooth like a babies bottom.

Now the front and back are all ready for grass!
Tomorrow they will roll out the sod in the back and side...I can't wait!

Tomorrow all this will be GREEN!
I sure am looking forward to tomorrow...I feel like a kid waiting for Santa to show up!

Sweet Dreams...I will be dreaming in Green!

P.S. ...I just want you to know that every muscle in my body hurt today...even muscles I didn't know I had! Garden work is not for sissies!


  1. Omg Liz, that is awesome! I love, love, love the plants! And you are 100% right, kinda makes my heart melt to see a man with a broom! Gotta love it. Thanks for sharing your garden. I had no idea it would be so gorgeous. Take care, Elaine
    PS I love the jammies you made for your featherweight.....even the hubs loved em!

  2. Yippee, it's almost done!!! I love your flowers and with the sod your garden will look beautiful! Hugs, Julia