Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Garden continues

I will be so glad when this garden is done.
I can't believe what hard work it is watching the workers work!

Getting up at 6am is not my thing!
I am a nite owl!!
I like to read a book for a few hours before I fall asleep...but since the guys have been here doing the garden I have been passing out from exhaustion by 9pm!
I am turning into a "Sissy"
Or is it that I am getting old ???
Whichever it is ...I will be glad when this is all done!

I haven't picked up a needle since this started and my hands are itching to sew something but usually I am so tired in the evening that I can't even see the needle never mind the eye!
My poor sewing machine is calling my name...maybe I can stroke her a bit today ??
I sure hope this is all worth it ??
It will be.....anything would be better then before.

Here come some more pictures to show you what we (the guys) have been doing!
Here comes the walkway.....

And the stepping stones to "Dear Father in Laws" house....they hated doing these but I think it looks nice.
You have to imagine grass all over and on the right side filled with flowers, scrubs & stuff.

If anyone has ideas what things I should plant...please write me ...I am open to all suggestions !

This morning they are starting on the driveway.
First they had to remove parts of the cement fountain from an old garage.
I can tell you ...I said a few prayers as they were digging those stones out....look at the size of them!!!

They also had to dig a hole to put a ring around where our canal pipes run so that if ever it gets plugged it can get cleaned.
Not very interesting stuff...I don't understand it but my Hubby tells me we need it?

I am sure I am boring you with my garden details but I have waited sooooooo long to get it done that I have to share it with the world !

Enjoy your don't know how lucky you are to have grass! !!!


  1. Wow, what a lot of work... but as they always say, anything worthwhile never comes easy... can't wait to see the finished results. Hugs.

  2. yes I agree a lot of work, but I am sure it will be well worth it when you are finished, and can enjoy the lovely lawn and garden,it always seems a bit annoying and disruptive having work people in, but just keep thinking of the end product, and the enjoyment from that! ... and I am a huge fan of roses for your side garden, just imagine walking down you path breathing in the fragrance on a nice warm summer evening...

  3. I'm so happy for you that your garden will be done soon! You have waited for so long. Even if you are too tired now to sew something in the evenings, I'm sure it's worth it and you will enjoy the result :-). Hugs, Julia