Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Tilda book

I can't believe the new Tilda book arrived today!

I would love to be laying on the couch reading it, instead I have to "supervise" the workers!
A new book should never arrive when you have hand workers in the house...grrrrrrr!
Maybe they will be done early today ?? :-))

I have only browsed through it but look at some of the cute ideas...isn't this mouse adorable??
Or the crown...every little girl should have one (big girls too!)

What should I make first ??
These funny chickens ???
Or this pretty bird.....
Or these cute nautical angels...
Or these lovely shells ???

The book is filled with all kind of goodies.
If you are a Tilda fan...this is a must have book!

I'm off to bring the guys a pot of coffee and take a "book" break.

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