Friday, September 18, 2009

Christmas must really be coming

I was food shopping and I got a shock....
Christmas cookies, candies, advent calenders and chocolate Santas are for sale already!!!!

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE Christmas!
Ask anyone that has seen our house at the holidays and they will tell you that I love Christmas.
I love the lights, the tinsel, the music, the food, the decorations and of course the gifts wrapped up with a bow under the tree. (can't forget the eggnog...yummy!) September I don't want to be thinking about Santa and the 1000 things I have to do to get ready!
Heck...I just bought bulbs to plant in my garden for next spring!
I still have to finish my garden...pull weeds, trim bushes, cover roses, and lay the patio.
I can't be thinking of Christmas!

Do the stores do this just to make us nuts ??
Or are they adding more stress into our crazy lives??

I have to admit that they got me...I bought a Christmas Stolle ( a German kind of fruitcake but much better...filled with Marzipan)
I don't normally buy Christmas sweets this early in the year ...but this is what happens when you go food shopping when you are craving something sweet...bad choice!

These Macaroons also had to come home with you can see they didn't make the whole car ride :-)
My dentist is going to love me for eating these !
I can't believe I am eating Christmas treats in September!
What will be next ?? Will I be buying Easter bunnies in December ??
There is something wrong with the world when I can get a Chocolate Santa before Halloween is here.
The stores are just rushing things...can someone tell them to slow down a bit.
They will get my money but not in September !

OK, I lied ...they got my money in September!

Since I can't beat them...I might as well give in!
When it comes to sweets I am weak!
Off to have my coffee break!


  1. Haven't met a dessert i don't like. wish you could set a place me :-) e

  2. Hello Liz, OH, How i remember all those sweets. I love them too just like you!! LOL Hugs Judy

  3. DH has already eaten 3 packages of gingerbread within the last 3 weeks. It looks like it is never too early for Christmas sweets ;-). Hugs, Julia

  4. I love Christmas because its my birthday. I hope everyone will wish me. Enjoy the great festival.




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