Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Green Green Grass of Home!

It's DONE!!!
We have grass!!! ...We have a garden!
Doesn't this look wonderful ??
Here are before & after pictures so you have a better idea of why I have been dreaming of grass for sooooooo long!
Big difference huh!!!

I am sooooooooo thrilled that it is over.
Of course I still have a few beds to plant ( in front of the big windows I was thinking of Rhododendrons. On the right side ( by the neighbours) some trees & shrubs and a few flowers too.
But all that can change when I get to the nursery.....all those pretty flowers & tress have a way of mixing me up and I come home with something totally different....LOL

After the workers left...I stood at the end of the walkway and admired our grass ( yes, I made uhhh & ahhh sounds)
Some days are just wonderful!
Today was one of those days!!
Especially when a long awaited project comes to an end!

I want to say a big THANK YOU to the workers!
They did a great job but more important they put up with my crazy ideas and chatting!
Thank you Fahri, Janusz & Michael.... ( the last guy is my father-in-law....he just made the guys more crazy then I did!!..LOL)
And extra special "Thank you" to Janusz for putting up with me..every time I changed the plans.
" Dziękuję Janusz" !

Since green isn't the only colour in our garden ( I am just obsessed with green right now...LOL) are some more colours....I figure you are sick of grass pictures..LOL

Now that the worst of the garden is done I can get back to normal and get other things laundry, cleaning the house, sewing and slowly getting ready for Christmas...Santa will be here before we know it.
I wish you all a happy day, afternoon or night!


P.S. I think I will have one more look at our grass before I go to bed ;-)


  1. Congratulation! It looks lovely... my thoughts keep wandering to all the mowing you have to look forward to... ugh! I hate mowing! Your flowers all look so lovely... isn't it fun shopping for new ones! Hugs.

  2. Liz - You were one of my bonus winners for my July Birthday Giveaway. I haven't heard from you so I wanted to contact you.

    Please send me you address and I will get you package ready to go on Tuesday.

  3. Hi,Liz..I did get your blog from Heather on "A Cherished Life".I looked at yours a couple time and I thought I should leave a comment.It is nice to see grass.Your flowers are beautiful and the colors gorgeous.Congratulation.

  4. Liz, congratulations with your beautiful grass and garden. I think Max will enjoy it much too!

  5. Hello From Michigan, Yes, Green is beautiful but sooooooooooooooooooooooo are all those lovely blooms in your gardens. Love them all. Hugs Judy

  6. Those were really beautiful images of flowers. I really like them. Thanks for posting it here.

  7. Liz, congratulations. You have made an excellent grass garden. All the flowers are beautifull. Your house has a totaly new green look now.



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