Friday, October 2, 2009

I am a junkie!!!

I have to admit it...I am an internet junkie!
I don't know how it happened but it did!
Actually it is my husbands fault...he brought the first computer into our house.
I didn't want to get a computer ...what for ?? So that he could sit around and play games all thanks!!
Little did I know that once he set up an email account for me, that I would be the one sitting in front of it night and day.
He has never played a game on our computer...he is lucky if I let him touch it! (only to repair it)
So it is my husbands fault I am a junkie !!! (blaming someone else always feels better :-)

The last 3 days we were without internet again.
I can tell you it was HELL!
If your provider has been down for more then a day you can sympathize with is rough!
How did we live before computers ??
Did we have lives ??
What did we do with our time ??

Last night, I was complaining to my hubby that the internet was still down....Mr. Smart Ass, says to me ..."Guess life has no meaning anymore, why bother getting out of bed! being Mrs Smart Ass...did just that...I spent the day in bed !! (not really but I let him think so)
You should of seen his face when he came home and found me in my pajamas! ( that man has to get up a bit earlier to out smart me!)

What I am trying to say is, how amazing it is that a little box has managed to take over our lives.
We can't live without it!

I had wanted to make Stuffed peppers yesterday and couldn't since I didn't have a recipe internet to look one up ( I did fake it but I am sure they would of been better if I had had internet)
I wanted to wish a friend Happy Birthday but couldn't since I had no internet. (Happy Belated Birthday Pat!)
I wanted to congratulated my friend Julia for FINALLY making a Blog but I couldn't since I had no internet.
I wanted to post some pictures on my Blog but I couldn' internet.
I wanted to read my emails but I couldn' internet
I wanted to waste some time surfing around a bit but couldn't ... no internet.

Maybe my Hubby is right..."Life has no meaning without internet!"
That.....or I am a junkie!



  1. omg, 3 days? You poor baby, I feel your pain. When we went from dial up to high speed, ours was down twice for 2-3 days each time, misery! Have you attempted to quilt your quilt tops yet? Why don't you make a mini top, layer it and quilt that first? Don't forget to wash and dry it to get the full effect of the quilting. Seriously, you can do it. Also, did you know carries the feeddog cover and special presser foot you will need. Go for it, Elaine

  2. Thanks, sweetie! I'm glad that you have back your internet connection. It's just aweful not be able to go online. I guess most of us have that kind of addiction, so you're not the only junkie out there ;-). Hugs, Julia

  3. Hey Liz.... sadly, I think many of us suffer from this affliction, and when it's gone, we seem to walk around in a daze, as if that's the only thing we have to do in our life, LOL! Hugs.

  4. I dont like to sit in front of computer for hours. I am surfing over the internet one or two hour in a day.