Monday, October 12, 2009

More blocks done

Slowly my "Journey of a Quilter" blocks are coming to an end.
We had rain most of the weekend so I sat on the couch ( like a potato and stitched away...what else was I going to do ?? clean, iron , wash ??? No way!)
I only have 2 more blocks to stitch and then I can put it together.
Of course, then I have to find fabric for the border, baste it & quilt it...which means the journey will go in for a while! I never said I was fast !

Today I won't make you work for the pictures but I hope you all enjoyed the puzzle?
These are the blocks for the one row....
And here are the couple of finished blocks for the 2nd sure to click on the pictures to see them bigger.

For my Family & Friends in Canada.....Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a piece of pumpkin pie for me!!! ( OK , 2 pieces!!)
Gobble Gobble!!!!


  1. hey I am with you Liz, housework only makes you ugly!! Stitch any day, and your quilt progress is great!

  2. Hello
    This is really very nice work.I like it very much and I appreciate you.You have done a great job.Thank you very much for sharing this with us.


  3. I love the blocks! This is going to be another awesome quilt! Hugs, Julia :-)

  4. Liz... this is going to be fantastic... I just love the colours... Happy Thanksgiving to you too - home is always where the heart is! Hugs.

  5. Hello Liz, I love your block of the month. You are doing a very beautiful job of stitching and putting it together.

    It has been very cold here in Michigan too. Our Autumn has been very rainy and coolish but they tell us we will have a few nice sunny days coming up. VBG I will cherish them all. LOL

    I think we are in for a very long and cold winter. YUCK!! Hugs Judy



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