Friday, November 6, 2009


I love fall!
The crunch of leaves under my feet.
The changing of colours.
The crisp cool air letting you know winter is coming.
The reminder that Christmas will be soon upon us.

This is the fall I like....

This is the fall I don't like!
Under the yellow leaves is green me!

I know why they call it "Fall" ...since ever leaf falls into my garden!!
We don't have a tree in our yard but we have the pleasure of our neighbours trees hanging over our yard which means....tons of leaves!
More leaves then I have ever seen!
They just keep raining down upon us !
I won't even tell you how many times we have raked them up and they keep coming ( I think they are secretly multiplying on their way down!

On the one side we have the pleasure of Birch trees ( I never knew they had SO many leaves) and on the other side we have a huge Walnut tree. ( I could bake enough walnut bread for 20 years)
Don't get me wrong...I like these trees in the summer when they give me shade but in the Autumn...I hate them! LOL
Couldn't they just drop all their leaves in one day??
Do they have to take weeks to tortue me ???

Ahhhh, the joy of Fall!

Guess what we will be don't tommorrow??
If you are bored, I have an extra rake...come on over!

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  1. I agree on the leaves but isn't it nice to have the walnuts? You can bake yummy cookies! Hugs, Julia