Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Christmas Eve is tomorrow!
I can't beleive how fast the time went !!
Of course I didn't get done all the things I wanted to but I would of been surprised if I did!
Every year it is the same thing...I have more ideas in my head then my day has hours...but I am sure I am not alone!

Now it is time for me to shut off my computer and go have 3 fun filled days with the family!
The tree is decorated, cookies are baked, the gifts are wrapped under the tree, I just have to clean the house (yepee), make up the guest beds and then I can relax ! If I have forgotten anything...oh well! ( theres always next year!)

I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday with your family & friends.
May Santa spoil you rotten and if he doesn't there are always the "After Christmas Sales" !

Unfortunately I can't spend the holidays with my immediate family ( only my Hubbys family) mine are oceans away.
But every year I miss them and wish they were here.
Every year I hear this song and it brings tears to my eyes....."I'll be Home for Christmas"
Sis...grab a Kleenex...this song goes out to you!

Merry Christmas!
Miss you!


  1. Hello My Dear Friend. I hope you had a super wonderful Christmas Holiday and I truly Wish you and your family a Wonderful, Healthy and Happy New Year. Hugs Judy

  2. couldn't even listen to it / cried just thinking about it - love you lots !

  3. Hello
    I have checked that video which you have given and its really very nice.I hope you had fantastic Christmas.Have you Happy and Healthy New Year.Thank you for that video.