Saturday, November 7, 2009

Planting Bulbs Tutorial....don't laugh!

As my poor Hubby raked leaves ...actually he sucked them up.
He got himself one of those sucking/blowing garden tool thingies ( don't ask me what is is called)
It looks like a big elephant trunk thing that sucks up the leaves.
My Hubby is out there vacuuming the garden and I can't get him to vacuum the house! MEN!!
I wonder if that thing would work indoors ??
I think I just found a new job for him ;-)

As he was playing with his new toy I planted my spring bulbs...finally!
A neighbour had told me about a tool that makes it easy ...once again I don't know what it is called ( I am not very bright today !!) but I thought I would share my excitement with you.

This thing is fabulous ( probably you all know about it and I am the last person to discover it)
I am going to call it a bulb planter for lack of a better name.
This is my new wonder tool!!! LOL

If you enlarge this picture you can see that it even has markings on the side for the different depths you have to go.
This is sooooo just push it into the ground....and pull it out...the dirt stays inside like magic ands you have a perfect hole!!

Drop your bulb in.
Make sure the pointy end is up!!!
Place the bulb planter over the hole and press on the handle ( one side will go in) this releases the dirt.
Viola ...hole is covered !! Bulb is planted!!

Now was that not cool or what ??
I know .....I am easily entertained!
I hope you liked my first tutorial ?


P.S. I know my Dutch friends are probably laughing their asses off about bulb planter ! :-)


  1. HiLiz... I am so jealous... you are planting spring bulbs!?! Even if I had one of those "bulb planter thingies", I'm sure I'd only dig up six inches of snow... yup, we've got snow on the ground! (P.S. glad you got the "post at the top" figured out... there are so many things to learn, not enough time, LOL!) Hugs.

  2. Loved your tutorial Liz. Cute story. I know, men doing indoor work just don't quite make the connection :-)I am so happy you discovered the bulb planter, and quite a nice one too! I was given a garden tool set many years ago and for a whole year I had no idea what to use that for,LOL. At least you knew what it was and just hadn't seen one yet.
    I hope all your bulbs bloom huge and beautiful!

  3. Hello Liz, You will be award greatly come Spring when all the lovely blooms are sprouting up every where. Hugs Judy

  4. That's nice tutorial! I have nearly a hundred tulip-bulbs waiting to be planted in my garage. I have this little bulb planter too, and I use it every time in autumn, sometimes also at least in january, if I have forgotten to plant the bulbs in november or december.



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