Sunday, December 20, 2009

4th Advent....count down!

Today is the 4th Advent...which means the countdown begins ...Christmas is around the corner!!

My Hubby and I were discussing the last details for Christmas ( he was surprised that Christmas is in 3 days...its not like it comes at the same time every year...silly man!)
Here in Germany, Christmas is a 3 day holiday...we start to celebrate on Christmas Eve, then we have Christmas Day and what they call 2nd Christmas Day. I find it funny but I am happy to have 3 days to enjoy the holiday, not to mention having the house full of family for 3 days...yepeee! Bring the eggnog on!!!

I have to admit I had a little panic attack today!
I don't know why...I guess I just needed one !
No Christmas is complete with out a little panic attack!

The tree is done, the gifts are bought & wrapped and under the tree, the cards are sent, the cookies are baked...the wash is in the machine (not everything can be Christmasy...I do have to do some domestic stuff) then why was I panicking ?? Who must be a girl Hubby is relaxed! If I had me for a wife I would be relaxed too! Actually I would be one lucky guy...I tell my Hubby this all the time!
I won't even get myself started on that topic.

I realized I never posted pictures of our tree.....isn't it lovely?

This is it at night with the lights on...even lovelier! ( I am not pleased with myself or what ??)

This is our Angel tree topper....isn't she lovely too ! LOL

These are some of my favourite ornaments.....the Santa is hand-blown German glass, the angel is just to sweet.

I love the little glass birds...they look so dainty...and Frosty looks so happy!

My most favourite ornament is this one... I got it from my nephew Adam!
I wish he could of been here it hang it ...maybe next year ???

Before I get all mushy and start missing my family, I am going to wish you a Happy 4th Advent!
Have a relaxing will be your last one!
The countdown begins!!


  1. Liz... your tree is just lovely... and I love all your special ornaments.... your angel is divine... very lovely! Funny what you say to your husband about a wife... I keep telling mine that I "gotta get me a wife", LOL! Hugs.

  2. Your tree is beautiful, Liz! Just relax, it looks like you are perfectly prepared for Christmas! No reason to panic! :-)


  3. oh Liz, your tree, your ornaments and your angel are so gorgeous! Have a very happy family Christmas, I am sure those that are not with you are thinking of you and missing you too. Just breathe deep and flow thru it!

  4. Your Christmas tree is beautiful, I like all your ornaments. have a Merry Christmas, hugs



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