Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas is over!

Santa has hung up his hat for another year.....which means...all the hussle & bussle is over.
I hope you all survived it too!?

Surprisingly my Christmas was nice!
The family behaved themselves, dinner was delicious and the gifts were great...what more can a girl ask for ??

Since I couldn't get a Butterball turkey, I had baked a Ham (Prager Schinken) for the first time and to my surprise is was tender and juicy...and so easy!
Martha Stewart would of been proud of me!
I served it with Potato Au Gratin, a Veggie platter of Cauliflower, Broccoli & Carrots with Hollandaise sauce. ( I know some of you are going yuck but these are my favourites and since I was cooking you eat what I like!)

Of course no Christmas would be complete without Eggnog ( it's what makes the family look good to me ! LOL)
Since I was a good girl allllll year...especially when I was sleeping !
Santa was good to me.
Do you want to see the goodies I got ...are you sure ??? they come.....

I got this lovely book & great sticker book from my Sister-in-law (she pulled my name in our family Secret Santa game).
My dear friend Doerte sent me all these Tilda goodies...needless to say I love them all!
My mind is already swimming with ideas for the fabrics! ...yummy!
I just love the angel wings!

My dear dear friend Julia sent me the most beautiful gift I have ever seen but since it will take a ton of pictures to show you, I am just giving you a sneak preview and then I will post all the pictures next time.
Can you guess what this is ???
My Hubby out did himself this year!
I wanted a little TV for my sewing room, but he thought I needed a new computer ( before my laptop died and there was a lot of crying & screaming coming from me) So he surprised me with a 23" All-in-One Touch computer!

It is super cool!!
I don't even need the mouse or keyboard...I just touch the screen and move things around..super cool ( did I say that already?? It is worth saying a few times..LOL)
I can even watch TV on it when I am sewing and not surfing.
I love it !
The only problem is that it has Window 7 on it ( the program is good but I am use to XP, which means a lot of new learning for me)
Learning new things is good...every once in a while a girl has to move into the next generation but like everyone else I am a creature of habit.
I have to admit that I am writing this Blog entry from my laptop...I know the programs & how to play with the pictures and it is faster for me. I am still learning the new computer and if I wrote this from there I would be here till next Christmas!
Give me a couple of weeks and my fingers will be flying over the screen as if I knew nothing else ( I hope?..that or you will hear a bit of screaming ! LOL)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and your Santas spoiled you rotten!

Now it is time to get ready for a New Year...Oh, my goodness...another year!
What promises should I break??


  1. Your ham looks delicious...WOW a new computer lucky you... I am sure you will learn the new windows version in no time.. I am afraid my old computer is going to die on me too.
    I can hardly believe a new year.. The older I get the faster the years go. lol Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friend

  2. Dear Liz, I would love to have that ham for dinner right now! It looks soooooo yummy and juicy! Wow, your new computer/TV toy looks fantastic! Hubby did a great job! Have fun playing with it!


  3. Liz... great minds think alike.... we had ham too! Can't say the same for our hubby's.... I didn't get a new computer... too cool! Hugs.